Nintendo had quite the surprise in store this month for their online service subscribers with Nintendo Switch Online. This months games are Vice: Project Doom and Kung-Fu Heroes. Both pretty obscure additions that many gamers probably haven’t heard of, let alone were actually expecting. Checkout Nintendo of America’s Tweet below:


Kung Fu Heroes is the first game in the Ninja Boy series. Released in 1989 by Nihon Game and Culture Brain, the game is presented in a top down perspective and tasks the player with saving the princess after she’s been captured by monsters. Where have I heard that one before? Protagonists, Jacky and/or Lee, must defeat monsters, collect treasure, and rescue the princess.

Vice: Project Doom is a genre blending action game by Aicom and Sammy. It was a rather late addition to the NES library, having come out in 1991. Primarily, it’s an action-platformer along the lines of Ninja Gaiden but also contains rail gunner levels and driving levels much like Spy Hunter. Vice: Project Doom is a really intense and, if I may be so bold as to insert my own opinion here, fun game that a lot of people have missed out on. So I highly encourage those of you out there with a Switch Online subscription to go give this obscure and underrated gem of a game a spin.


Aaron Evangelisti
Aaron is a lifelong video games enthusiast who's been playing since the days of the NES. He enjoys just about all types of games from RPGs, to platformers, to strategy. He also fancies himself a bit of a writer so writing about video games makes sense, right?