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Tactical roguelite RPG Star Renegades is putting its spin on the genre with what developer Massive Damage calls a 2DX visual style.

The developer revealed its new 2DX gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2019, featuring an array of intricate pixel art maps and bombastic gameplay. Characters explore giant maps, build bases, and take out enemy troops. You can view the trailer below.

Star Renegades is a squad-based roguelite that melds JRPG turn-based combat with tactical strategy. Players are invited to join the rebellion in an effort to overthrow the Imperium, and fight to end an endless interplanetary conflict that spans generations. Lead ambitious rebels toward victory by fostering camaraderie and friendships between squadmates to unlock powerful combos and possibly romance (and progeny). Face the challenge of overcoming adversaries that evolve across an ever-changing campaign spanning many in-game generations.

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Features include:

  • Outwit your foes with interrupts, counters, and combos in our fast-paced tactical turn-based timeline battle system
  • Explore hauntingly beautiful landscapes, ruins, and procedurally generated dungeons in your mission to overthrow The Imperium
  • Survive the relentless onslaught of a procedural Adversary system that generates unique enemies and bosses that evolve as you play
  • Unlock, trade and upgrade your rebels with tons of weapons, loot, and gear

The game was recently featured in the Xbox sizzle reel lineup for E3 2019.

Star Renegades is slated to release on Steam in the Spring of 2020.

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