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Title Aisu Paradise
Developer Maranyo Games
Publisher Denpasoft
Release Date May 24th, 2019
Genre Romance, Comedy
Platform PC
Age Rating N/A
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Aisu Paradise is a visual novel that takes a classic plotline in a unique direction. Its development comes from Maranyo Games who is finding success following two episodes of the My Neighbor is a Yandere series. This team is new and ready to make an impact within the visual novel landscape. Furthermore, in an interview with a kind developer involved, we found out what they hope to achieve with these releases. With goals being set, it all comes down to the execution. Can Aisu Paradise stand on its own like the suspense-driven My Neighbor is a Yandere did? With a different tone, it’s time to find out how it holds up.

Your name is Tetsuya, an employee for the ice cream shop Della Puena. Why are you here? Simple, you need money and it isn’t for any dramatic reason. Simply put, you’re a pervert with a dream, the dream being to become an adult film director with bountiful assets. That isn’t the only reason though, as it turns out Della Puena has seen better days. The manager needs all the help they can get and you’re not one to deny them, especially if it includes special housing which you need. With your manager and a new employee, you face the task of coming up with ways to save the shop. All the while you deal with some unexpected advances from the pair. Welcome to Aisu Paradise.

Aisu Paradise | Natsuko

Let’s meet the colorful cast starting with Natsuko. Natsuko is the acting manager of Della Puena with an overwhelming personality. She offers Tetsuya a place to live in exchange for him helping in the shop. Della Puena has been under figurative fire for months due to financial troubles. With the problematic days going by fast she relies on Tetsuya and her new employee to help her right the ship. She’s stubborn at first, but the more time you spend with her, the more you’ll see how she’s soft and delicious like the ice cream you serve.

Aisu Paradise | Sachi

Next we have the new kid on the block, Sachi. Sachi comes to work for Della Puena after getting a recommendation from a friend to Natsuko. As a girl with an equal amount of overwhelming personality, her passion lies in ice cream. After the first encounter with Tetsuya, she starts feeling a rather peculiar feeling about him. She hopes the two work in cheerful cooperation to save the shop, but not before addressing the mysterious feeling. She’s a simple girl with not-so-simple thinking patterns. To put it simply, everyone wears a mask.

Now that the cast is formally introduced, we can move onto the specifics of the title. Aisu Paradise is not your standard visual novel, nor is it your standard eroge. This is because it doesn’t meet both standards. To better review Aisu Paradise, we must look at it for what it is, what Toffer defines as a lewd adventure. That is, short theatrics engulfed with a plethora of sex, and this title matches that definition perfectly. It’s a game with a focus that lies on just making those experiences easily accessible and very entertaining. As a result, the other qualities that define the norm for visual novels and eroge alike fall short of an industry standard. To sum things up, the art is exceptionally well done in all areas, while everything else is a sizable mess.

Aisu Paradise | Lewd

Games like these are a welcome sight for those who don’t demand a lot and just want to see the good stuff. The plot is incredibly simple, and the absurdly fast pacing allows for a decent understanding of the pleasures you’re about to witness. However, this will be a major turn off for the lack of character development and smart writing. Despite a few typos and many cliches, the game’s writing is concise the whole way through with its general theme. The soundtrack is incredibly basic during normal scenes but will blend well enough with the art in the special scenes to get the job done. The art got priority over all other aspects and it pays off as the character design and brilliant utilization of colors make this proper eye candy.

Aisu Paradise | Cute

Overall, Aisu Paradise is a colorful change of pace from the various visual novel and eroge releases we’ve received this year. Its simplicity will earn it an honest audience and Maranyo Games will have a foundation for future titles to build upon. However, its absurdly fast pace leaves out potentially helpful character development. Likewise, the length will most likely scare off potential customers even at a $7.99 price point. You can read the entirety of this game within an hour. Nevertheless, it’s promising to see developers follow through with their ambitions, and I can only hope they use this review to learn for future titles.

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