Well, it’s a little late for Christmas in July, but that hasn’t stopped the fine folks at Dharker Studios from launching a Kickstarter campaign for Santa Girls, a Christmas themed visual novel and dating sim.

In Santa Girls you will assume the role of a manager for the Christmas themed section of a department store. Part of your job description is managing Santa’s four little helpers, and no they aren’t greyhounds, they’re four attractive young women: Raine, Hayley, Sally, and Elly.



Depending on the choices you make throughout the course of the game you may or may not get to keep your job at the department store and you may or may not grow to be more than friends with Santa’s girls.

So maybe you’re thinking this sounds cool, you’re considering backing their campaign, and you’re wondering about reward tiers. Well, let me go ahead and tell you about reward tiers:

Please note: All prices have been converted to USD from the British Pound. Also all tiers include rewards from previously mentioned tiers.

  • The Game ($18): A steam key for Santa’s Girls once it launches.
  • Beta Access ($30): A Beta Steam Key granting early access as it’s being developed.
  • Digital Wallpapers ($34)
  • Avatars DLC ($36)
  • Soundtrack DLC ($42)
  • Emoticons DLC ($46)
  • Art & Guide Book PDF ($60): High resolution digital PDF of the artbook, including a guide to the games endings.
  • Digital Dakimakuras ($72): High resolution images of the four romanceable characters as dakimakuras.
  • Christmas Cards ($96): Physical Christmas card pack.



There are also two additional rewards for those looking to spend a little extra money. The first is the Just the Physical Rewards for $144: This includes just the Christmas card pack and physical Dakimakuras with none of the digital rewards, not even the game itself. The other is the Physical Dakimakuras tier for $217 that includes EVERYTHING: Physical and digital rewards AND the game with beta access.

And finally, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you don’t have a lot to spend, but would still like to support the game while getting a little something in return there’s the Pick a Mix reward tier. This is about $4 and grands you access to any of the following DLC items: Wallpapers, avatars, or emoticons.

Dharker Studios was looking to raise at least $3,610 in this campaign and have already met that goal, sitting at over $5,200 as of this article, however it should go without saying that if they manage to raise more money that will likely lead to a better product in the end. They have prepared a number of stretch goals they could still use help reaching.

They’re quickly approaching their first stretch goal of $6,032 for additional kissing illustration for each girl. At $8,445 they would like to add chibi illustrations. And a harem ending at $10,858. Dharker Studios has other stretch goals in mind too, and you should checkout their campaign page if you’re curious. Those of you interested in the more adult content of the game will want to make special note of the highest stretch goal.

So that’s the basic rundown on Santa Girls. If this Christmas themed adult visual novel sounds like your jam make sure you give their Kickstarter a good sifting through. There’s still some information I didn’t include here and other goodies to checkout including more artwork and even the games unique theme song that will play in it’s trailer and on it’s main menu. Dharker Sudios is currently estimating to have the game ready for November of this year. Just in time for the holidays.




Aaron Evangelisti
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