Fate/Grand Order | Nero Claudius (Summer)

The official English social media accounts for Fate/Grand Order have announced that the Dead Heat Summer Race event would be coming to the North American server on July 29. The event will add 4 new limited summonable servants as well as a free 4-star Rider class servant. Three other unannounced servants will also be added as well. Players who participate in the event will be able to receive Ishtar (Summer Rider) for free.

The prologue for the event is as follows:

While Master enjoys a well-deserved break with Mash, Ishtar shows up with a big too-happy smile. She informs the pair that she found a new Singularity, and warns that the world will be in danger if something isn’t done.

After stopping Mash from requesting an official Order, Ishtar mentions a certain ritual of her devising to eliminate the Singularity.

A summer festival to get everyone all fired up will be just the thing to deal with this Singularity…

That’s right… the only option is to hold a cross country race!

You can check out the trailer for the event below.


The following servants will be added for the event (the ones announced so far):

Summer Ishtar (4-star Rider)


Summer Nero Claudius (5-star Caster)


Summer Frankenstein (4-star Saber)


Summer Nitocris (4-star Assassin)


Summer Nobunaga Oda (4-star Berserker)


The Fate/Grand Order Dead Heat Summer Race Event starts July 29. Do you have enough Saint Quartz saved up?

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