Well guys and gals, it’s that day of week, which means time for yet another Nintendo Download! This week isn’t quite so jam-packed as last, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. New games are gracing the Nintendo Switch Online service, there’s new sales and even a half gallon of new digital offerings. So let’s get started with today’s sole featured game, which should grab the attention of comic fans everywhere.

Nintendo Download | Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Everybody complains about their backlog, and mine is nuts too. One of the games I most regret not delving deeper into was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I got started and enjoyed it, but back then I didn’t have internet access, and it was difficult finding the time to get my friends together to play. But things have changed, and thanks to my snazzy Nintendo Switch, I’m more than ready to jump back onto the Marvel bandwagon with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order! Not only has Marvel seen a huge renaissance since the last game, but there’s just so many more characters they can bring to the table. Now you can play as Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights and more. But best of all, this entry has both local and online multiplayer, so you’ll never need to play alone. I’m really hyped for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and if you are too, then be happy that it’s coming out tomorrow!

Nintendo Download | BATTLESHIP

Next up, let’s check out the new free games courtesy of the Nintendo Switch Online service. These are the newest duo of titles:

  • Wrecking Crew – In the days before Mario and Luigi became sports stars in their downtime from saving the princess, they tried their hands as one-man wrecking crews. With a hammer as their only tool, take control of the brothers and set out to destroy ladders, rip out pipes, knock out walls and detonate explosive devices. But make sure to plan your path of destruction carefully, as each building is designed as its own clever puzzle.
  • Donkey Kong 3 – Based on the third game in the enormously popular arcade series, Donkey Kong 3 introduces an exterminator named Stanley as he desperately tries to protect the flowers in his greenhouse from Donkey Kong. Armed only with a can of bug spray, Stanley must force Donkey Kong higher and higher into the greenhouse rafters until Donkey Kong is off the screen and the next stage is reached.

Nintendo Download | Alien Escape

Need more games in your Nintendo Download? Don’t worry, the Game Guide has us covered with the following sales. If you love tactical mayhem, you might enjoy Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble (Switch) for $12.74; or for a rogue action platformer, try Super Mutant Alien Assault (Switch) for $8.99; to take a chance on something interesting, try Paradox Soul (Switch) for only $3.99; for demonic fun, try Skelly Selest (Switch) for $4.99; for a horror compilation, try The Last Door – Complete Edition (Switch) for $10.99; for silly rock puns, try Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder (Switch) for $10.49; if you like Metroidvanias and want more challenge, try Overwhelm (Switch) for $6.99; for a quirky puzzle game, try Baba Is You (Switch) for $10.50; for old school charm, try Iron Crypticle (Switch) for $4.99; if you love some SHMUP fun, try R-Type Dimensions EX (Switch) for $8.99; or for an epic space drama, try Astebreed (Switch) for $13.99; to try a crazy discount, get Startide (Switch) more than 90% off for $0.99; for fun with robots, might I recommend Mega Man 11 (Switch) for $19.99?; or for more mega fun, try Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 (Switch), both for only $11.99; if you love rhythm games, you need Old School Musical (Switch) for $7.99; or for fun with a frog, try the lovely Kero Blaster (Switch) for $4.99; if you want to play with dinosaur bones, try Fossil Hunters (Switch) for $11.89; if you need more Mega Man, try the original Legacy Collections (Switch) for only 9.99; and last but certainly not least, to give a great game some love, check out Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (3DS) for $29.99. To see everything else on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Archlion Saga

For digital gaming, the following are out next week. There’s quirky puzzle game Run the Fan. Retro fans are sure to enjoy High Noon Revolver. If you love SHMUPs, you might really enjoy Pawarumi. And last but not least, who doesn’t love the classic game BATTLESHIP? To see the games out this week of Nintendo Download, just keep reading.

Nintendo Download | High Noon Revolver

For retro games, there’s only a couple this week – Arcade Archives Shusse Ozumo and Archlion Saga. If you want a creepy adventure game, try Lust for Darkness. If you love you some over the top fighting action, try KILL la KILL -IF. And finally, if you enjoy the puzzle genre, this Nintendo Download has you covered with the following – Alien Escape, Etherborn and Mochi Mochi Boy.

Nintendo Download | Mochi Mochi Boy

Not the biggest Nintendo Download, but far from the smallest either. Thanks as always for joining us for Nintendo goodies here at oprainfall. And if you love series like this, stay tuned next week for the return of another Nintendo related series!

Nintendo Download | Pawarumi

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