Do you ever find yourself playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on your Nintendo Switch, you make some silly mistake, and you slap your thigh, curse under your breath, and wish you could take it all back? Well, you might just be luck because coming the 17th of this month Nintendo will be adding that very feature to the Nintendo Entertainment System Switch Online!

As you can see in the trailer below, you will be able to old ZL and ZR to bring up a rewind menu that doesn’t look unlike that of the rewind feature on Netflix or other video streaming services. Players can use this, obviously, to roll the game back to earlier point before you they made some kind of horrible error.



This does add an additional feature to Nintendo’s somewhat bare-bones, but serviceable, NES emulator. Maybe customization control schemes can come next?

Aaron Evangelisti
Aaron is a lifelong video games enthusiast who's been playing since the days of the NES. He enjoys just about all types of games from RPGs, to platformers, to strategy. He also fancies himself a bit of a writer so writing about video games makes sense, right?