oprainfall | Headup Games 10th Anniv. Switch Sale

oprainfall | Headup Games 10th Anniv. Switch Sale


Headup Games is having a big sale on the Nintendo Switch: the Headup 10th Anniversary Switch Sale. The sale has Headup’s games slashed anywhere from 20% to 92% off. According to the press release, it will run for two weeks on the Nintendo Switch eShop, coming to an end on July 11th. You can find out more about their games at their official website. Here’s a list of games that are marked down during the Headup 10th Anniversary Switch Sale. All of the links in the table below go to the games’ pages on Nintendo.com.



In Between 92% off – ($0.95 | £0.79)
Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition 85% off – ($1.19 | £1.04)
Super Treasure Arena 85% off – ($1.49 | £1.19)
Tied Together 80% off – ($2.99 | £2.39)
Toby: The Secret Mine 80% off – ($2.39 | £1.59)
Earth Atlantis 60% off – ($5.99 | £5.39)
The Inner World 60% off – ($4.79 | £3.99)
Bridge Constructor Portal 50% off – ($7.49 | £6.74)
Double Cross 50% off – ($11.99 | £8.99)
Slime-san 50% off – ($5.99 | £5.00)
The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk 50% off – ($7.49 | £5.99)
Windscape 30% off – ($13.99 | £11.19)
Trüberbrook 25% off – ($22.49 | £18.74)


Windscape is a vibrant, low-poly first person adventure game whose creator is fond of the The Legend of Zelda series, and other games that allow you to explore a rich world without annoying time pressures or overly constrictive stories. According to the game’s Steam page, he also is incorporating some elements from modern crafting/sandbox style games.

oprainfall | Windscape


Slime-san puts you on a crazy, fast-paced platforming adventure with a very distinctive art style. Slime-san was just doing his thing, when suddenly a huge worm appeared in the previously peaceful woods and rudely gobbled him up! If you are considering getting this game on Switch, it should be noted that it has some extra content and a level editor in the Slime-san: Superslime Edition on Steam.


Bridge Constructor Portal is another game in the Bridge Constructor series, but this time with a Portal themed skin and mechanics. I’ve played this one on Steam, and unfortunately it chose to ignore what made the puzzle design in Portal and Portal 2 great. Those games were good at giving you that “Eureka!” moment when solving puzzles. Once you knew what to do, executing the solution usually wasn’t too hard. Bridge Constructor Portal doesn’t really have those eureka moments. As you get deeper into the game, the puzzles devolve into tedious piles of trial and error, involving moving parts just a little bit at a time trying to find a configuration that works.

Bridge Constructor Portal

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