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Blazing Chrome | Featured ImageWith several retro-inspired action titles under their belts already, the development team at JoyMasher are excited to announce that their next title Blazing Chrome will be launching in just a few weeks on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Set to officially launch on July 11, 2019, Blazing Chrome is described by publisher The Arcade Crew as a “retro love letter to Metal Slug and Contra”. It’s a run-and-gun platformer featuring fast-paced side-scrolling and vertical gameplay. We’ve seen some trailers for the game pop up over the past year and a teaser during Microsoft’s E3 2019 ID@Xbox segment, but today’s release date announcement also introduces a new “Hidden Characters” trailer. You can have a look at that trailer below:

These newly unveiled characters include Suhaila, “a razor girl with a robotic arm” and Raijin, “a skilled and deadly ninja”. Both are armed with new ninja-based weaponry which allows players the ability to jump higher and dash. The developers are hopeful that this will add a completely new combat experience to Contra-like games. Have a look at a brief description of the game provided by The Arcade Crew.

JoyMasher’s Blazing Chrome harkens back to the golden days of side-scrolling shooters with modern touches ensuring its gameplay feels as precise as it does authentic to the era it channels. Players can tear through six highly-varied stages filled with deadly, bullet-spewing AI as Mavra, a lone human resistance fighter, or the rebellious robotic insurgent Doyle.

Blazing Chrome will be available for purchase on July 11, 2019. While no price point has been provided at this time, PC users can now wish-list the game on Steam by visiting its official Steam page. For more information on this game and others like it, have a look at JoyMasher’s official website.

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