Transistor | The Transistor

Transistor | BoxartSupergiant Game’s fantastic cyber-noir Transistor will be receiving a physical copy production by Limited Run Games. This was announced during Limited Run’s E3 show earlier today. A Nintendo Switch version and a PS4 version were shown during its trailer. Along with standard versions, it looks like a collector’s box will also be available. Sales will go live on July 5th, 2019.

Set in a future where virtual meets reality, the shadow group known as The Camerata seek to obtain perfection in all its forms, stopping at nothing to attain it. Our heroine, Red, is targeted for her angelic voice, but during their assault against her, they lose the Transistor as her as her boyfriend tries to protect her. With her boyfriend now merged with the acquired transistor, the two set off through Cloudbank to find and stop the four members of the Camerata before they hatch their plan, wiping out Cloudbank and its populace in the Process.

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Drew D.
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