DQB2 | Main characters & various monsters

DQB2 | Main characters & various monsters

Square Enix shared a new trailer for the PS4 version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 at their E3 event. They’ve also announced a bit of new info. But these announcements seem to only be for the PS4 version at the moment. We have no new announcements yet for the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Regardless, the game launches for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch this upcoming July 12th.

Now first of all, they’ve announced that there will be a playable demo available on PS4 on June 27th. Second, they announced some pre-order perks. Everyone who pre-orders will get in game recipes for a medicinal herb decoration, a Dragon Quest logo decoration and a chimaera wing decoration. Also, physical pre-orders from select retailers will get a magnet sheet which features the heroes, building blocks, and slimes. Digital pre-orders come with in game sigil block recipes featuring a sun, stars, moon, water and soul. Plus, there will be a Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 theme for pre-ordering digitally as well.

Lastly, don’t forget that the game will have a season pass available for purchase. The season pass comes with three packs that are set to release later on after launch. The first pack it includes is the Hotto Stuff Pack, which has over 40 recipes to create things in the Hotto Steppe style, in addition to a new island containing the required materials. The second pack is the Aquarium Pack. It unlocks a fishing island, fishing rod, customization options, various apparel and the ability to catch and breed 40 different fish which can be added to your DIY aquarium. And finally is the Modernist Pack. This is a pack with over 70 recipes to make modern structures and it comes with extra hairstyles and clothing. The season pass will cost you $20.99. Or, you can purchase the digital deluxe edition which includes the season pass and gets you a stackable slime recipe. But wait, there’s more. The season pass alone contains, a pair of in-game Designer’s Sunglasses and that will be available on July 12th, the game’s release day. And if you have a save file from the original Dragon Quest Builders game, you’ll get the classic builder outfit from that title and a Dragonlord’s throne recipe.

Enjoy the new trailer down below.

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