oprainfall | Verlet Swing

oprainfall | Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing is coming to consoles very soon, according to the latest announcement from Flamebait Games, and indie publisher Digerati. The game has previously launched for PC in places like Steam and itch.io. It will be arriving on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on June 14th in North America and Europe. PlayStation 4 owners will get it on June 11th in North America, and on June 12th in Europe.

In light of Verlet Swing being streamer-friendly, the Xbox One version will have Mixer interactions. This means viewers can have the ability to affect the game as it is being streamed. More details on this are to be released soon according to the press release. The game has a high rating on Steam, and has garnered the attention of famous streamers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. Here is the trailer:


Verlet Swing is a first person platformer focused on grappling hook mechanics. You’ll die instantly on impact with obstacles, as you swing your way through 100 increasingly eccentric levels. You’ll fling yourself through bizarre dreamscapes filled with giant arcade cabinets, huge floating slices of pizza, and more. The game also features Challenges mode and leaderboards. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions have achievements, too. It should also be noted that the page for the Steam version says it includes a level editor and workshop support on Steam.

Flamebait Games CEO, Mattias Lindblad, commented on the game:

“As a team we were passionate about creating a game with super tight yet simple mechanics. With Verlet Swing we proudly deliver an experience which we believe has a fantastic game feel.”

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