Legend of the Tetrarchs now has a release date. This RPG from KEMCO will be available on the Nintendo Switch on June 6th for $14.99. Those who pre-purchase starting today can get 10% off.

This fantasy RPG features turn-based battles, and classic features from sub quests to treasure hunting.

Press Release

RPG Legend of the Tetrarchs for Nintendo Switch™: Save 10% on the latest fantasy RPG with beautiful pixel animations during pre-purchase period!

Legend of the Tetrarchs for Nintendo Switch
May 30, 2019 – KEMCO proudly announces the release of Legend of the Tetrarchs for the Nintendo Switch system set to hit the Nintendo eShop on June 6th. Standard price is USD 14.99, but it will be made available at 10%OFF for a limited time during the pre-purchase period starting today!

A profound tale about four heroes of legend!
Overflowing darkness…
People mutating…
Beyond the chaos, tear through the darkness!

Legend of the Tetrarchs is a fantasy RPG featuring turn-based battles and many classic features from subquests to treasure hunting, all what a core RPG player would expect!


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