Death Stranding left people with a lot of questions when it was first revealed at 2016’s E3. Not the least of which was when would we actually be able to play the darn thing? Well today many of those questions have been answered, including the release date, with a post over at the PlayStation Blog. With a shiny new trailer as well.

This, rather lengthy, trailer gives us more information about Hideo Kojima’s latest project than ever before. Both in terms of story and gameplay. We see Sam Bridges, the games protagonist, explore the ruined landscape of of what was civilization. Mankind is at the brink of extinction and society has become isolated from. It must be reconnected through “strands”, Kojima explained, and it’s up to the player to create those “strands” and reconnect these divides in society.

So when can you expect to actually play Death Stranding? Well, you can expect it on a PlayStation 4 near you November 8th of this year. There are also many different options for pre-order, all of which come with different extra goodies: the Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Collector’s Edition. If you would like to see what those have to offer be sure to check out the blog post.

Aaron Evangelisti
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