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Today on Twitter CD Projeckt’s GOG.com has announced an upcoming major update to their game client in GOG Galaxy 2.0.

As it stands now GOG’s optional client is somewhat bare bones compared to other clients, allowing users to buy, install, and launch games they’ve purchased from the website, but lacking other features. But they hope to change that with this new update to GOG Galaxy 2.0 as they promise to add cross compatibility with all other clients. Users will be able to import their games library from Steam, Origin, Epic and many more, as well as their friends lists and achievements as well. GOG aims to give users one convenient client to game and stay in contact with friends, and when it seems like a company is launching their own client every other week or so it might be nice, indeed.

You can follow the link in the embeded Tweet above for more information and to sign up for the beta.

Aaron Evangelisti
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