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Sentai Filmworks FeaturedSentai Filmworks has several new releases arriving today, both of which can now be purchased from its official website. The first release is the Blu-ray set for the Sagrada Reset Complete Collection. This collection spans three Blu-ray discs, contains the entire series (10+ hours), and includes the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. While it normally retails for $89.99 USD, you can currently pick up a copy for just $58.99. A brief description of the series (provided by Sentai Filmworks) can be found below:

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The ability to reset time might seem like the ultimate superpower, but if you forget what was going to happen when you reset it, how would you know what you needed to change? Or if you’d make things better or worse? That’s the paradox that faces Misora Haruki until she’s paired with Kei Asai, who remembers everything, even if they happened in timelines that have been reset. But there’s still a catch: each reset point can be used only once and anything that happens in the 24 hours before a new one can be set will be locked in time forever. In a town where a mysterious agency seems to be controlling everything from the shadows and everyone has unexpected powers, the lives of Kei and Misora’s friends and classmates will depend on how carefully they can use the SAGRADA RESET.

The second new release for today is for the Land of the Lustrous Complete Collection. This release comes also contains the full series (3+ hours), is spread across two Blu-ray discs, and features a variety of language options including English, Spanish, Japanese with English subtitles, and Japanese with Spanish subtitles. This set normally retails for $69.98, but it is available right now for just $45.99. A brief description of the series (provided by Sentai Filmworks) can be found below:

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No matter what the odds, life will find a way to continue, with young Phos and the other gems as the ultimate proof. Instead of flesh, their bodies are made of living crystal, allowing them to survive in a world too toxic for any human. But their gem bodies also attract a terrible danger: the Lunarians, who hunt the gems and use their shattered forms to fabricate jewelry and ornaments. The gems with the strongest forms defend the others, but Phos is too weak and brittle to fight. Instead, Phos is ordered to compile an encyclopedia; but could that research discover hidden secrets that could help the gems? Join Phos, the toxic Cinnabar, the powerful Bort, the valiant Diamond, and others in a glittering world unlike anything you have seen before: the LAND OF THE LUSTROUS!

In addition to these new releases, Sentai Filmworks would like to remind fans that other releases are on the horizon and are available for pre-order right now. To check out any of those upcoming series or to find out more about the catalogue of releases available from Sentai Filmworks, head on over to its official website.

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