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Nintendo Download for 5/16/19

This Nintendo Download is a good one, which means the Nintendo gods must have been listening! There’s a bunch of featured games, a couple different sales, new events, digital goodies and much more. So let’s get started with three zombies and a hedgehog!

Nintendo Download | Resident Evil 0

I’m one of those silly people that is drawn to things that utterly horrify me. So it goes without saying I’m a fan of Resident Evil, even if I haven’t beaten most of the games. So it’s exciting that 3 great entries are making their way to Switch now – the remastered GC classic version of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4! If that wasn’t enough, Team Sonic Racing is also making the Switch, bringing your favorite Sonic characters to the system in fancy cars. Why Sonic needs a car is another story entirely. But that’s not all! Let’s keep going with a couple of other announcements.

Nintendo Download | Team Sonic Racing

  • Pokémon My Nintendo Rewards – You can redeem your My Nintendo points*** for new Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield wallpaper featuring the game’s three partner Pokémon. Which one is your favorite? You can also redeem your My Nintendo points to get 30% off the Detective Pikachu and Pokémon Art Academy games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online**
    • Donkey Kong Jr. – Based on the popular arcade game, Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to the immensely successful Donkey Kong game. Play as Donkey Kong’s son, and rescue your dad who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a cage by Mario. Use jumping and climbing abilities to clamber up vines and chains, gather vital fruit and keys, and open the cage to free your father. Make sure you avoid the pesky birds, nasty electric sparks and creepy chompers. Four different worlds filled with numerous climbing and jumping puzzles await you in this timeless classic.
    • VS. Excitebike – Fans love the Excitebike game for its frenetic races, high stakes and sweet jumps. With this game, you can take it to the next level with the Famicom disk version of VS. Excitebike – complete with two-player split screen. Create tracks from 20 classic Excitebike track parts, and go for a best time or take on friends. Racing is even more exciting when the rivalries are real. You can also try out the single-player mode in VS. Excitebike. It adds tracks, music and the ability to save your high score.
    • Clu Clu Land – The greedy Sea Urchins have stolen all of Clu Clu Land’s gold bars and buried them in a series of mazes. As Bubbles, a brave bubble fish, you’ll set out to uncover all of the gold bars in each maze. With 20 stages to complete and increasingly complex conditions (like having to pass over the gold bars twice to uncover them), you might just want to bring along a friend for help.

Nintendo Download | Tales From Space

Next up on Nintendo Download, I hope you like savings, cause there’s a couple sales happening today. First up is a Capcom sale featuring 25+ titles up to 75% off. I won’t list them all, but here are some highlights – Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, both Mega Man X Legacy Collections, the original Mega Man Legacy Collections, both Resident Evil Revelations titles, Monster Hunter Generations, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Okami HD. All these games will be on sale from today until 5/23. To see the full list of games on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Gunlord X

The following are all the Game Guide sales worth checking out. For creepy fun with a sibling, try My Big Sister (Switch) for $4.79; for fun with narcolepsy, try Back to Bed (Switch) for $3.99; to brave the elements, try Snow Battle Princess Sayuki (Switch) for $7.50; if you like colorful puzzle games, try Degrees of Separation (Switch) for half off at $9.99; to relive the glory days of fantasy adventure, try Odallus: The Dark Call (Switch) for $5.99; or if you prefer ninja madness, try Oniken: Unstoppable Edition (Switch) for $4.99; to get lost in a cyberpunk world, check out Observer (Switch) for $22.49; for a really steep discount on Cthulhu twin-stick action, try Blacksea Odyssey (Switch) for $3.24; or for a duo of old school games, try the Digerati Indie Bundle (Switch) for $2.99; for another good discount, try Child of Light Ultimate Edition (Switch) for $7.99; for a great ARPG, try Bastion (Switch) for $7.49; for puzzling with a friend, you might enjoy Pode (Switch) for $14.99; for a simple game, try Breakout Defense 2 (Wii U) for $4.90; or to show off some sweet tricks, try Urban Trial Freestyle 2 (3DS) for $1.39. To see the enormous amount of other games on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Akane

That’s not all for the Nintendo Download, there’s still new digital games to enjoy! The following are all out starting next week. If you love cutesy alchemy, stay tuned for Atelier Lulua – The Scion of Arland –. For horror with a distinct visual style, check out The Last Door – Complete Edition. Or for a game that will make retro fans drool, check out Gunlord X.

Nintendo Download | Darkwood

For this week’s offerings, there’s still plenty to enjoy. For your retro kick, there’s the following – Arcade Archives Ninja Gaiden, Devious Dungeon 2 and Super Life of Pixel. If you prefer violent and creepy offerings, try Darkwood and Akane. To explore a world of colorful beauty, try KORAL. For games involving fun with monsters, try Octogeddon and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Or if you prefer mech mayhem, try Project Nimbus: Complete Edition. And lastly, for violence on a over the top scale, try GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R.


Much better for this week’s Nintendo Download, if I say so myself. We’ve been needing a week like this for a while now. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly dose of Nintendo goodness, and be sure to tune in next time!

Nintendo Download | Project Nimbus Complete Edition


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