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Title Sabbat of the Witch
Developer Yuzusoft
Publisher NekoNyanSoft
Release Date October 10th, 2018
Genre Visual Novel, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Platform PC
Age Rating N/A
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Sabbat of the Witch is one of the most fruitful visual novel localizations in recent years. With promising art for an equally promising cast of voiced characters, and a breathtaking opening movie, you can only hope for a story as good as the art previews. This title released on February 27th, 2015 in Japan, and the publisher, NekoNyan, realized Yuzusoft made something special and they got to work on localization efforts. Furthermore, that work resulted in the game being available in English on October 26th, 2018. With so much to appreciate on a surface level, such as the character designs from Kobuichi and Muririn, this requires an in-depth look. How does Sabbat of the Witch hold up?

Sabbat of the Witch | MC Masochism

Welcome to your new adventure, your name is Shuuji Hoshina and you have quite the past. For instance, ever since you were born you’ve had a strange power. This power allows you to perceive the emotions of others through taste and it seems convenient at first glance. However, without specifics, this only made life troublesome for you whenever you found anybody with negative emotions. For clarification, it makes you sick to your stomach and as a result shifted your personality greatly. Heading to your new school, you’ve become more accepting towards other people’s demands to avoid the nasty taste. Furthermore, you not only seem like you don’t have a life, your appearance looks like it since you’re characterized by some nasty dead fish eyes

Life isn’t too bad as you have friends helping you along the way. For instance, one is the charismatic bro-character in Kaidou Hideaki, and the other is the short and cute guitar enthusiast Wakana Kariya. Together these two try to get you to act for yourself, but it’s kind of hard considering the problematic past. Thus, much against their advice in a previous conversation with the two, you agree to assist a girl in your class with library duties. Little did you know that this would mark the beginning of a fascinating story.

Sabbat of the Witch | Nene Nope

As you’re working hard organizing books and such, you hear a noise. Following an investigation, you find something that leaves, figuratively and literally, a wonderfully sweet taste in your mouth. However, it’s not food, but a beautiful silver-haired maiden is masturbating in the library! It isn’t just any silver-haired maiden either, it is Nene Ayachi. Nene is a soft-spoken girl that is the exact opposite of you. She knows how to say no to people, while still retaining admiration from others for her demeanor. You take in the sights and sounds, as well as taste, and as you’re contemplating why this is even happening, you’re eventually caught. Rather than being incriminated, Nene just asks you forget everything and contemplates ending it all after the embarrassing fiasco. Following a lengthy discussion and reassuring the girl that no ill-fate will come of this, you head home with new visuals in your mind.

The next day, Nene calls you to her club room for a proper explanation. She reveals herself to be a witch, a magical girl aiming to have an important wish fulfilled. Witches collect overflowing emotion fragments from people to meet their goal. Furthermore, when a girl becomes a witch, she sacrifices a randomized trait in exchange for the opportunity to have their lifelong wish granted. Nene gave up control of her lust and she will randomly have a fit she has to quell through masturbation. Yesterday’s events were such an occasion. Nene provides further proof with a small bottle, containing all the excess emotions she’s gathered over the course of her time as a witch. Afterwards, you tell Nene of your predicament, and as the two troubled souls converse the bottle drops unexpectedly. While not shattering, you try and pick up the bottle and it reacts, knocking you out cold.

You wake to find out troubling news, the bottle has emptied. In addition, it seems you’ve absorbed all the hard-earned fragments somehow. Dumbfounded by this shocking revelation, both of you call for a truce of sorts. As such, you will join Nene’s occult club and assist her in getting back the fragments. Welcome to your new school life. Furthermore, welcome to Sabbat of the Witch.

Sabbat of the Witch | Nene Toy

When it comes to characters, I gave you a brief insight into who Nene Ayachi is. Apart from being very beautiful and admired, she’s also quite reserved as she barely spends time with anybody after school. This is in part due to the price she had to pay for becoming a witch. She will let you know every in-game day how much she hates all of it, from being horny randomly to her witch outfit, which is quite revealing. She will engage in a large amount of self-loathing and is very cute when mad.

Sabbat of the Witch | Meguru Date

The next set of heroines appear as the game’s long prologue takes place. The first one is Meguru Inaba. She comes to the club seeking help on how to gain popularity. It’s worth mentioning how the club not only does stuff like reading fortunes, but also serves as advice committee for students in need. This helps Nene achieve her goal of getting emotion fragments quick and easy. As such, Meguru is the first client since the fragments were absorbed and after a few attempts of helping her with the broad issue at hand, she befriends Shuuji and Nene and joins the club. She’s a bright and cheerful junior, whose got a knack for video games. Her favorite games are mostly single-player ones, but she does convince the club to play Monster Hunter.

Sabbat of the Witch | Tsumugi Hug

The next heroine on our list is Tsumugi Shiiba and she’s a more interesting case. For instance, she first appears as a transfer student to Shuuji and Nene’s class in a guy’s uniform. It turns out that she has a condition that forced her out of her last school. The characters will quickly find out why as Tsumugi tries to snipe emotion fragments from Nene after a completed case. After being chased down and apprehended by Shuuji, Nene offers a peaceful proposition. That she joins the club as a friend and work together and split the emotion fragments. The offer captivates Tsumugi as she’s never been able to make friends due to the witch conditions. She’s a girl that loves girly things who is forced into wearing guy clothes or else her body will reject it. Furthermore, the club tries to help her out by attempting to figure out her limits.

Sabbat of the Witch | Touko Chest

While this is going on, we get to know to our next heroine Touko Togakushi, the jaw dropping spectacle of a student council president. For clarification, Touko joins after her tenure as president ends after getting help with her own issue. She’s a year older than Shuuji, Nene, and Tsumugi. As a result, she’s the school’s idol among the third-year students. Whereas Nene is the same for the second years. Touko is a huge tease towards Shuuji saying several shameless comments, sort of ruining Shuuji’s image of her being perfection personified. Although, she does have a great public image as she’s earned the trust of the school’s teachers. In short, looks can be deceiving.

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