BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle | Seth Distortion Skill

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle | Heart homing dash

Arc System Works has announced the release date for the upcoming new characters and balance patch for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The characters – revealed at EVO 2018 – and the update – revealed in February – will be releasing on home consoles and PC on May 21 as version 1.5, updating the home version to the same as the recently-released arcade version.

The new characters are BlazBlue Centralfiction’s Naoto Kurogane, Persona 4’s Teddie, Under Night In-Birth’s Seth, and Arcana Heart’s Heart Aino. The characters, making up Character Pack 7, will be included with the Deluxe Edition and the All-in-One DLC bundle, meaning that anyone who owns either will get the new characters for free when the game updates to the new version. For those who don’t already have the other DLC, the pack will be available on its own for $9.99 USD. The pack will also be free for anyone who already owns all six previous packs individually, according to an announcement on the game’s Steam forum.

Full details on the release or full patch notes can be found on the Arc System Works site. You can find our review of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, back from when it first released, here.

Chris Melchin
Chris is a computer science student who has been gaming ever since he knew what to do with a Super Nintendo controller. He's a fighting game player, with a focus on BlazBlue and Under Night In-Birth games. His favourite games include Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Persona 5, and Little Busters. He started watching anime in high school, and his favourite series is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. He also writes Vocaloid music for his personal YouTube channel, and has a (slight) obsession with Megurine Luka.