oprainfall | LevelHead

oprainfall | LevelHead


LevelHead entered Steam Early Access yesterday, after first debuting in a Nindies showcase. The “cooperative, level-building platformer” from developer Butterscotch Shenanigans, has now hit Steam in early access. The game sees you taking on the role of a new employee at the Bureau of Shipping. Each new employee is given a brand new GR-18 robot, which is like a baby. So it must be taught what to do.


LevelHead is a goofy platforming game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The intro sequence is humorous, and well put together. Your job now is to complete the Bureau of Shipping’s GR-18 training course. You’ll deliver packages all over the galaxy as you teach your GR-18 robot how to find and deliver packages to their recipients.

LevelHead | Gameplay
A screenshot of some gameplay in a LevelHead stage.


The game has a large single player campaign that sees you taking on challenging and often fatal levels. According to the press release, the Bureau of Shipping was hit with many lawsuits because of this. As a result, all new employees are now provided with a GR-18 robot to make the job safer, but you’ll need to train it.

LevelHead | Campaign Mode
The world map in LevelHead‘s campaign mode.


The game is loaded with items, power ups, enemies, hazards, and three biomes. As you progress through the main campaign, you’ll unlock ever more tech to use in the workshop mode, where you can build and share your own levels. The press release says there are 100 level-design elements. The co-founder of developer Butterscotch Shenanigans, Sam Coster, commented on the future of LevelHead:

“Levelhead will keep growing and morphing because our players have just as many ideas for its future as we do, and what better way to engage that creativity than with Steam Early Access? TOGETHER WE SHALL BUILD THIS BEAST.”

LevelHead | Playing a Level
A screenshot of a stage being constructed in the LevelHead editor.
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