Nintendo Download | Smash Ultimate Joker

Well guys and gals, it’s another Nintendo Download, and I’m rather sleepy. The reason for that is I had to wait 4 hours yesterday after Smash Ultimate ver 3.0 went live to actually successfully install it. Nintendo’s servers must be made out of crepe paper, since they were utterly demolished by the wave of fanatic Smash fans (myself included) trying to get Joker and the other new goodies. But that’s not all that we’re talking about today, there’s other new highlighted games, sales and digital goodies. So let’s put on a stylish mask and check out what’s new in Smash Ultimate first.

Nintendo Download | Cuphead

Version 3.0 was pretty significant for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We all knew about Joker in advance, and that’s cool, but what really surprised me were the other new features. Such as shared content, a video editor and, most importantly, a stage builder! That last feature I’ve wanted for a long, long time, and it’s sure to add a lot of lasting appeal to the game. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have the Smash World mobile app and new Mii costumes you can pay for. That’s a lot to be excited about, and there’s still 4 more DLC packs to come! But it’s not all about Smash today, there’s also the release of Cuphead on Switch. I never ever expected that would happen, so if you missed out on the stylish shooter before, you should check it out. There’s also the release of the uber cool Katana ZERO today. To find out more about that, stay tuned later on for my review. And finally, if you like explicit gore and mayhem, check out Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. Now let’s check out some sales.

Nintendo Download | Our World is Ended

Courtesy of the Game Guide, here are today’s sales. If you like SHMUPs with some twists, you might want Super Star Path (Switch) for $3.99; for some Cowboy justice, check out Hard West (Switch) for $13.99; or if you prefer ninjas, try Aragami: Shadow Edition (Switch) for $22.49; for a heart wrenching narrative, try My Memory of Us (Switch) for $12.74; if you need some platforming fun, try the Gunman Clive HD Collection (Switch) for $2.99; for a SHMUP with kitties, try Neko Navy – Daydream Edition (Switch) for $10.39; for knightly adventures, try Battle Princess Madelyn (Switch) for $13.59; for a steep discount, try The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition (Switch) for more than half off at $2.59; for something strange, try Trouserheart (Switch) for $5.99; or for mayhem with guns, try NoReload Heroes (Switch) for a mere $0.99; for some Bubble Bobble vibes, try WHIP! WHIP! (Switch) for $6.99; to experience an open ended adventure, try Fe (Switch) for $9.99; for a truly unique SHMUP, try Transcripted (Switch) for $1.49; or to keep your Wii U alive, try Sky Force Anniversary (Wii U) for $6.99; or better yet, Axiom Verge (Wii U) for $15.99; and lastly, to play portably with chickens, try Toki Tori 3D (3DS) for $0.49. To see everything else on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | ALPHA

For digital games, only a couple are out next week – Deponia and Voxel Shot. Everything else is out starting today.

Nintendo Download | Hell is Other Demons

To get your retro fix, there’s one option this week – Arcade Archives Time Pilot. For a medieval adventure, try The Knight & the Dragon. To slay some undead, try Dawn of Survivors. If you like quirky puzzle games, try SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun’s Alpaca. For a couple story driven games, try Our World is Ended and The Padre. For a couple different takes on bullet hell, try ALPHA and Hell is Other Demons. And finally, for a truly quirky title, try You Died but a Necromancer revived you.

Nintendo Download | Katana ZERO

Overall a pretty solid week. Sure there could have been more games in this Nintendo Download, but that Smash update offers plenty to do. Thanks as always for checking in with oprainfall, and swing by next week for even more Nintendo games to enjoy.

Nintendo Download | The Padre

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