While I love the more lengthy Nintendo Downloads, the shorter ones can also be somewhat refreshing. Take this week, for example. Sure it only has a handful of new games and one sale, but there’s some great games there. Sometimes we need a break from the weeks with 20+ games to check out. So let’s get started with a couple great featured titles.

Nintendo Download | Mechstermination Force

First up, out today is Mechstermination Force. Developed by the team behind Gunman Clive, it is a hard-as-nails boss rush against giant robotic MegaMechs. I quite enjoyed reviewing it, and if you crave some challenge, you should definitely check it out. The other game isn’t out this week but it’s still worth the wait. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is out April 9th, and it brings the courtroom drama to the Nintendo Switch. Even though I’m not the biggest Phoenix fan on the site, I do think it’s a bargain for $29.99. Next up, let’s check out some sales.

Nintendo Download | Ace Attorney Trilogy

Before I get too far, I need to acknowledge a mistake. Last week I referred to a game as Metalgal. It’s actually Metagal. I just read the extra L into it since it’s a game inspired by Mega Man. With that out of the way, let’s see the sales this week. First up is Metagal (Switch) for $3.99; platformer fans might enjoy Peasant Knight (Switch) for only $2.99; whereas SHMUP fans might like StarDrone (Switch) for $7.99; for a simple yet charming game, check out Elli (Switch) for $13.99; for blasting zombies, try Call of Nightmare (Wii U) for only $0.99; or for a quirky VN, try Nairi: Tower of Shirin (Switch) for $6.99; for a weird looking title, try Black Bird (Switch) for $9.99; for multiplayer fun, try TowerFall (Switch) for $9.99; or to climb an intense mountain, try Celeste (Switch) for $13.39; for a real steep discount, try Kensho (Switch) for $2.99; for a visually stunning romp, try Furi (Switch) for $8.99; for a strange puzzle game, try Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D (3DS) for $3.59; and lastly for some violent mayhem, try Butcher (Switch) for $4.99. To see everything else, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Sephirothic Stories

There are only a couple noteworthy games out next week. One is an arcade experience controlled with just one button, Switch ‘N’ Shoot. And for a quirky comedic game, just try The Mystery of Woolley Mountain. Now for the digital offerings out this week.

Nintendo Download | Circuits

To get your weekly retro fix, there’s Arcade Archives Armed F. For a couple of puzzle games, try Circuits and Pitfall Planet. If you like Strategy games, there’s War Theatre and Monster Slayers. If you love Dragon Ball, you might enjoy Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission. For something different, there’s Modern Tales: Age of Invention. For some RPG action, try Sephirothic Stories. Or for some hectic mayhem, there’s SMASHING THE BATTLE. If you love atmospheric puzzle adventures, try Hob: The Definitive Edition. And if you want a 2D game that will make your eyes bleed, try OVERWHELM.

Nintendo Download | SMASHING THE BATTLE

Overall not a bad week, even if it’s a little short. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly Nintendo Download. Be sure to tune in next time for hopefully even more games to enjoy.

Nintendo Download | OVERWHELM

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