Can you hear that sound? Like a cross between a jubilant baby and a helium balloon? It’s none other than Yoshi, since in today’s Nintendo Download, Mario’s buddy is the star of the show! I’m a huge fan of Yoshi, so I’ll spend some time gushing in a moment. But that’s not all today, as there are some new activities, sales and digital offerings to enjoy. So burst out of your shells and join me!

Nintendo Download | Yoshi's Crafted World

I became a Yoshi fanboy with Yoshi’s Island, and I haven’t stopped since. Sure, not every one of his games was amazing, but on average they were more fun than not. Though I was surprised when Yoshi got the yarn makeover in Woolly World, I really loved that adventure. So you can bet I’m excited for Yoshi’s Crafted World coming out tomorrow. The demo was a lot of fun, and the mixture of classic gameplay mechanics and a wonderful aesthetic made for a compelling experience. Even if you don’t like “easy” games, I think you’ll find something to love in Crafted World. But that’s not all today, as there’s a new hybrid experience out from Viz Media. It’s called The World Next Door, and it mixes a rich story with puzzle combat. It looks pretty unique, so it might be worth a look. Finally, if you love the Darksiders universe, you may just enjoy Darksiders Warmastered Edition. Next up, let’s discuss some activities.

Nintendo Download | The World Next Door

  • Find the Poochy Pups to Earn My Nintendo Rewards Points – Poochy Pups are hiding in different spots on the official site for the Yoshi’s Crafted World game. You can earn 150 My Nintendo Platinum Points* for finding all three!
  • Happy Spring! – To celebrate the launch of Yoshi’s Crafted World, My Nintendo is offering new Yoshi-themed rewards. Starting on March 29, redeem your points* and get wallpapers calendars and more.

Nintendo Download | Croixleur Sigma

Next, let’s cover some sales. If you want a reason to keep your Wii U plugged in, you might enjoy FAST Racing Neo (Wii U) for $11.20; for ricochet fun, you may enjoy Strikey Sisters (Switch) for $7.99; for platforming fun, try HoPIKo (Switch) for $4.99; or for fun with Cthulhu, try Sundered: Eldritch Edition (Switch) for $13.99; fans of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts might like Battle Princess Madelyn (Switch) for $13.99; for a different take on horror, there’s Viviette (Switch) for $7.99; to satisfy your thirst for mayhem, there’s Demon’s Crystals (Switch) for $11.24; fans of Metroidvania might enjoy Ghost 1.0 (Switch) for $4.99; Hello Neighbor (Switch) is half off at $19.99; fans of ARPGs might like Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition (Switch) for $26.99; or for blasting insects, look no further than Beekyr Reloaded (Switch) for $4.99; to unwind with a simple game, try Hexologic (Switch) for $1.19; for old school RPG fun, try Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch) for $23.99; to go to Valhalla, try Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Switch) for a steep discount at $4.94; or for rogue Metoidvania fun, try A Robot Named Fight (Switch) for $6.49; JRPG fans might enjoy Earthlock (Switch) for $13.45; for a colorful SHMUP, try The Next Penelope (Switch) for $2.99; or to fight with some friends, try Brawlout (Switch) half off at $9.99; for a wonderful take on a action movie, try The Mummy Demastered (Switch) for $12.99; for rogue horror, try Vaccine (Switch) for $4.99; or for fun with teleportation, try Mr. Shifty (Switch) for $7.49; for a fighting sim, try Punch Club (3DS) for $4.99; and finally, for something different, try Phantom Trigger (Switch) for $7.49. To see the entire list, just click here.

Nintendo Download | BASEBALL STARS 2

There’s a few interesting games coming out next week, so let’s cover those real quickly. SHMUP fans are certain to enjoy AngerForce: Reloaded. For airship combat, try Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing. Fans of match 3 style games (my guilty pleasure) might like Darkest Hunter and SpellKeeper. And lastly, for fun with assassination, try Shadow Blade: Reload.

Nintendo Download | Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

The rest of these digital titles are all out this week. Retro fans rejoice, as there are a bunch of great games out today – ACA NEOGEO Baseball Stars 2, GODS Remastered, SEGA AGES Alex Kidd in Miracle World and SEGA AGES Gain Ground. Fans of mayhem may enjoy Croixleur Sigma and Cel Damage HD. For a colorful ARPG, try GOKEN. To climb a devious ascent, try Inferno Climber: Reborn. If you want a duo of unusual games, try Junk Planet and Lyrica. To return to your childhood with style, try Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Or for a thought provoking puzzle game, try She Remembered Caterpillars. And finally, for a pair of bad ass women, try Metalgal and Snow Battle Princess Sayuki.

Nintendo Download | METAGAL

Overall a pretty great week for the Nintendo Download. Especially considering it wasn’t supported with a Nintendo Direct like previous weeks. Thanks as always for joining us at oprainfall, and tune in next Thursday for more Nintendo goodies.

Nintendo Download | Snow Battle Princess Sayuki

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