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Kenichiro Takaki Exits Marvelous, Explains Departure & Discusses Future

Kenichiro Takaki | Senran Kagura Producer

In the April 11, 2019 (released on March 28, 2019) issue of Weekly Famitsu, Kenichiro Takaki announced that he would be parting ways with Marvelous. Takaki is well-known as the “big boobs producer” of the Senran Kagura series and was president of Honey∞Parade Games. In a lengthy interview on Weekly Famitsu, Takaki spoke about his decision to leave and spoke about the state of the Senran Kagura series as well as his own future.

Takaki said his main reason for leaving is the new regulations related to sexy imagery which have become prominent in the last year. At some point he snapped after being told many times “this is not ok. This is not good either, maybe this isn’t ok.” He mentions that the thing that hurts the most is his creativity being limited and he always did his best to produce games that were as good as possible.

Takaki also mentions that he is welcoming to regulations which protect specific genres and demographics, but recently they have been brutal. He can come up with ideas to help circumvent these issues, but he asks himself if this can really be called Senran Kagura of if the fans will really want it. He also mentions that the sexy imagery is just 10-20% of Senran Kagura, but the point of view of worldwide standards just sees it as sexual, and being judged like that is crushing.

Takaki later mentions that one of his dreams is to create a fantasy-like game (a passion of his since childhood) and also states that he would like to create games for a wider audience. He mentions his relationship with Marvelous is still very good and he will now work at Cygames in order to help fulfill his dreams.

Weekly Famitsu | Kenichiro Takaki Interview

Takaki will also not cut ties with the Senran Kagura series. He will continue to work on it for awhile and will definitely finish any titles that are currently in the works for the series. Production on Senran Kagura 7Even is still proceeding but it may take awhile due to the recent worldwide trends. Takaki mentions that he hopes the trends will change again eventually. He is working on the parts that don’t have problems, such as the characters and story. He or someone else will eventually deliver the game to fans in the best possible shape.

Takaki also promised that there would be no Senran Kagura with no sexy content. He would continue to research sexy gags and what can be done with them. Even though the worldwide restrictions have been ramped up, Takaki said that he would continue to make games. There are many things that he wants to create. He wants to be able to make a game that makes people say, “He created something this great even if he’s the big boobs producer. How cheeky!” Takaki ended with an apology to Senran Kagura fans for making them worry, he doesn’t want to give up anything and will keep going forward, staying unafraid of change.

You can read up more on Takaki’s departure and his future HERE.

We at oprainfall would like to wish Takaki-san the best in his future.

SOURCES: Twinfinite, Famitsu

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