Nintendo Download | Blaster Master Zero 2

Welcome to another Nintendo Download, folks! I’m still recovering after covering yesterday’s jam packed Indie Direct. So many amazing looking games were shown, and the reveals even bleed over into today. So on top of the usual stuff, there’s a special indie sale to discuss, the regular sales (praise the Game Guide), new digital offerings and more. But let’s start with a classic coming to Switch.

Nintendo Download | Final Fantasy VII
Look at those sexy textures!

The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was III AKA VI, but another that quickly made its mark on me was Final Fantasy VII. Sure, it looks primitive now that it’s aged, but it was a really fantastic title back in the day. The drama, the art style, the over the top conflict and diabolical villains all combined into an amazing package. Well, if you missed out, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch in a few short days. If you consider yourself a fan of RPGs, you owe it to yourself to try it out, wrinkles and all. Next up is a game that just released yesterday, which I’m still excited about. None other than Blaster Master Zero 2 came out yesterday, and as a fan who reviewed the original on Switch, I’m hyped. It looks to retain all the things that made the first remake shine and adds even more. Inti Creates knows their retro craft, so you can bet oprainfall will be reviewing that one sometime soon. Next up is a sequel to a game that never graced the Switch. Unravel Two looks charming like one of the more artistic Yoshi or Kirby games. In this entry, you can make a friend of your own as you wander across a lush and beautiful environment. If you love games that are as much art as anything, I think you’ll enjoy this one when it releases tomorrow. Last but not least is the port of Nuclear Throne to Switch. I haven’t played much by Vlambeer, but I tend to enjoy apocalyptic rogue-likes, so I think I’ll be picking that one up soon. Next, let’s move onto a pair of sales!

Nintendo Download | Unravel Two

I always tout myself as the indie guy at oprainfall, so of course I have to spend some time covering a brand spanking new Indie Sale! This one offers 15+ games for up to 30% off. Sure, I would prefer a steeper discount (curse you Steam for ruining my expectations), but there’s some really great stuff available. Here’s some of the highlights – Blossom Tales, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Darkest Dungeon, Flinthook, Iconoclasts, Night in the Woods, Salt & Sanctuary, Thimbleweed Park and Wandersong. That’s a lot of quality indies. To see all the games and their respective discounts, just click here.

Nintendo Download | OMG Zombies!

Next, thanks to the Game Guide answering my prayers, I have even more games on sale! For colorful platforming, Runbow (Wii U and Switch) is sure to satisfy for $7.49; for a weird FPS experience, try Lovely Planet (Wii U) for only $4.99; for robot fun, try Assault on Metaltron (Switch) for $4.89; for a retro aesthetic, try Unit 4 (Switch) for $7.49; for a challenge, try Almost There (Switch) for only $7.49; to take a chance on a weird title, try Mad Age & This Guy (Switch) for a mere $1.14; for something creepy, try Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (Switch) for $19.99; or for something more visceral, get ready to Party Hard (Switch) for $7.49; if you love atmosphere, try Pinstripe (Switch) for $7.49; or for an adventure where things aren’t as they seem, try The MISSING (Switch) for $19.79; fans of platformers and random names, try Sigi – A Fart for Melusina (Switch) for only $3.24; to explore your dreams, try Figment (Switch) for $10.99; for fun with bubbles, try Pirate Pop Plus (3DS and Switch) for $3.34; if you like puzzle games, try Swim Out (Switch) for $2.99; or to scratch your horror itch, try Detention (Switch) for $7.79; if you love old school RPGs, try Lost Sphear (Switch) for half off at $24.99 or I am Setsuna (Switch) for $19.99; and finally, to relive the N64, get Yooka-Laylee (Switch) for $19.99. Pretty good mix of games, but there’s even more here.

Nintendo Download | GALAK-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition

There’s a good amount of digital games this week, but first let’s cover some out later on. I officially waited too long, cause now the free to play GALAK-Z is getting a paid version in GALAK-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition. For some RPG mayhem, you’ll probably enjoy Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists -Ateliers of the New World-. Or for another take on the genre, stay tuned for our upcoming review of The Princess Guide. If you have a need for speed, try Xenon Racer. There’s post apocalyptic mayhem aplenty in OMG Zombies! SHMUP fans might enjoy Neon Caves, and lastly, you can explore a wide world in Windscape. Now for the games out this week.

Nintendo Download | Nelke the Legendary Alchemists

For your retro fix, there’s Arcade Archives Elevator Action and Witch & Hero. For something colorful, try StarDrone. To try something new, there’s Rogue Bit and Hook. To try some puzzle platforming, look no further than Peasant Knight. SHMUP fans might enjoy an Alien Cruise. FPS fans can enjoy Apocryph: an old-school shooter. And finally, for an immersive RPG, try Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition.

Nintendo Download | Azure Saga Pathfinder DELUXE Edition

A nice step up from previous weeks, I’d say. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your Nintendo Download coverage. Be sure to tune in next Thursday for even more Nintendo goodies and indie coverage.

Nintendo Download | The Princess Guide

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