Granblue Fantasy Versus' Ferry

Granblue Fantasy Versus' Charlotta.

Granblue Fantasy developers, Cygames, are working on two games. Granblue Fantasy Versus which is a fighting game in collaboration with Arc System Works. In addition, you have Granblue Fantasy Relink which is an action-RPG assisted by Platinum Games. Both games have a lot of promise, but also have concerns.

Worry not, because Director Tetsuya Fukuhara has some words to share regarding both games. In a interview with Twinfinite, he had this to say regarding Versus:

For Versus, we’re definitely going to have 60 FPS. As a fighting game, we believe that’s a must.

Now for Relink, things get a bit iffy with visuals playing a major role in which direction they go:

For Relink, at this point 60 FPS is our goal, but depending the final visuals, if we decide that 30 FPS will the best solution overall, it’s possible that we’ll choose 30 FPS.

That being said, as mentioned, our goal, for now, is to have it running at 60 FPS.

We can expect more details in the coming days as Granblue Fantasy will celebrate its 5th Birthday next month. New characters for Versus are expected to be confirmed.

Granblue Fantasy Relink visuals.

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