MangaGamer has announced the released for Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!, from Particle. The game will be releasing on March 14th. You can pre-order the game now over on MangaGamer’s site for $19.96. This will save you about 5 bucks off the full retail price of $24.95

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! started out as a drama CD that told the tale of six couples. This has since  been spun into an expansive tale of girls in love. We may all get diabetes from this one folks. You can see the story from the viewpoint of 15 different girls, so you can see firsthand how their love grows for each other. Will the three newest characters, Tamaki, Yuno, and Saeka manage to resolve their complex feelings for each other? Who of the trio will end up together?

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! is all ages and will launch on Steam and MangaGamer’s site.

Steve Baltimore
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