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I admit I didn’t know what to expect from today’s Nintendo Direct. I thought maybe a game or two, a handful if I was lucky. Instead I got a whole smorgasbord of fantastic new content, starting with an announcement that utterly floored me – Super Mario Maker 2! I’ve been hoping and praying for a sequel to the Wii U original for a while now, feeling it would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch console. Well, turns out Nintendo was thinking the same thing, since it’s heading to the Switch this June!

Super Mario Maker 2 | Chain Chomp Fun

Though details are scarce for right now, Nintendo did promise new content and features to enjoy. At the very least, they’ve added Cat Mario to the mix, but I’d bet there’s more. Frankly I would have been happy with all the same features and content, but I’ll take new stuff eagerly. Be sure to stay tuned to oprainfall for more details as they hit, as well as our eventual review coverage of this promising title.

Josh Speer
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