As some of you are aware Steam is on another banning spree when it comes to Visual Novel content. Some say it because game’s are set in a school setting, others say they are banning 18+ content from smaller developers in general but no one really knows at this point. This is pretty much par the course for Valve, but I digress. Some of the games that have fell to Valve’s ban hammer are now up for purchase DRM Free on JAST USA.

First up we have Maomao Discovery Team:

This RPG employs an automatic function that allows battles to be done with simple controls. You do not have to go around dungeons repeatedly to “grind” levels because you can send Maomao on automatic explorations. While on her adventure she might find equipment, learn new abilities and level-up in experience.


• Three different poses that represent Maomao’s health level.
• More plays will be unlocked by growing your affection with Maomao.
• Character raising system includes: gaining abilities, strengthening skills, weapons, the base etc.
• The game window can be minimized while MaoMao adventures.
• Auto battle function and high-speed battle function implemented for easier & faster gameplay.

This title will set you back $9.99

Next up we have NekoNyan’s Hello,Goodbye

“Toubu Kaito”

That is the fake name assumed by a young military officer from the United Provinces of Japan. He has been tasked with infiltrating Tenshudo Academy, located in Special District Morino, impersonating a transfer student.

He is to cast aside his former identity, and ‘become’ Toubu Kaito.

Special District Morino, also known as the neutral zone, is a region of historical significance, and right now, it is the one area which ‘both Japans’ have their eyes on most.

Upon first entering Morino, Kaito decides to walk around and familiarize himself with his new home. After visiting many different places, he then ends up in a park harboring a memorial statue that honors a certain peace treaty. Kaito wanders a little too far, and finds a remote area where he is presented with a vast flower bed that covers every inch on the ground.

And he is not alone. There is a single girl there, tending to the flowers.

“Why hello there. How do you do, sir. Ah, I suppose I ought to say ‘good evening’ considering the time of day. ” The girl gently smiles at Kaito, and asks for his name.

“Toubu Kaito’s my name… at least, it will be during my stay here.”

He responds to her, quickly, and in doing so, inadvertently reveals his ‘secret.’

Little did Kaito know, but this slight ‘slip of the tongue’ would be the single action to put an end to his hapless fate. One tiny mistake, and his life forever changed…

“If it was a mistake that came about through love, then I think there can be nothing more wonderful than that.”

This one comes in a standard version which is $26.99 with a 10% discount and deluxe version which includes an OST for $33.29.

Next we have Imolicious:

• 2 Different Endings
• Unlockable Gallery
• Original Soundtrack
• 1280×720 Resolutio

This short VN will set you back a mere $3.99.

Last up we have Cross Love Episode 1


Charming, pretty, and…a guy?!

Yuu may have a bit of experience experimenting with cross-dressing, but when a mix up leaves him wearing his sister’s clothes to school one day, he finds himself catching eyes – and hearts too! Meanwhile, Kiriya is a shy boy who’s only talked to Yuu in passing a few times; and certainly not while he was crossdressing! At first he even mistakes him for a girl…but maybe him being a boy is better after all? Plenty of hijinx lay ahead for our quirky lovers!


Cross Love is a short, kinetic yaoi visual novel from developer & publisher Top Hat Studios that features plenty of laughs, cute scenes, and of course – lewd ones too. It features bright, crisp, cartoonish art that combines elements of both western and anime-inspired art styles.

• 2-4 Hours Long
• High Resolution, Semi-Animated CGs
• Distinct Sprites, with lots of variations
• 5 Spicy Yaoi Scene

This one will set you back $4.99.

Steve Baltimore
Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.