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Idea Factory has announced that Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game will release this upcoming January 17th in the Nintendo eShop. The game will include all 25 DLC which were available in the title’s earlier on PS4 release. During the first two weeks of Fairy Fencer F‘s launch, there will be a 20% discount off the normal price of $39.99. They also mentioned that the European release is being handled by Ghostlight. Check out the new battle screenshots below along with a description of the game’s battle system.

Players will need to be aware and strategize the following actions you’ll need to make during battle: the Action Window, Attack, Wait, and Command. The move sets chosen will ultimately effect the overall turn order shown on the Action Window. Within the Command option, players will have five options to choose from:

  • Skills/Magic – Use your SP to use special attacks, heal HP, or other command buffs to help Fang and the gang through tough battles. Note that some skills require HP to use.

  • Items – Utilize items wisely to heal HP/SP, remove status effects, and revive party members that are knocked out.

  • Special – Each character possesses their own Special command with unique effects. “Fang’s Serious Face” Special, increases his attack power by 1.5x, while “Pippin’s Persuade,” if successful, will make Pippin attempt to “negotiate” with the enemy and drive them away.

  • Switch – This allows players to swap in reserve party members (Have up to 6 party members on the field!)

  • Fairize – Once your Tension Gauge reaches a certain level, characters can Fairize, which transforms your characters into powerful beings! During their Fairize state, a character’s attack and defense becomes much stronger. Players, however, must take caution of the Tension Gauge as characters will be forced out of the Fairize state once the gauge gets too low.

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