A new update across Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the expansion Torna – The Golden Country includes an obtainable new accessory for Mythra, based on her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit. In-universe, this accessory is known as the “Massive Melee Mythra Aux Core”.

It’s not just a simple cross-promotional marketing move in time for the fighter’s December 7th release, but Mythra’s modified outfit in Smash Bros. Ultimate is also a concession to ratings boards around the world. Mythra’s original outfit in Xenoblade 2 exposed both her cleavage and her bare legs, whereas both are covered up for her Spirit artwork to maintain Ultimate‘s Everyone 10+ rating and other regional equivalents (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Teen rated).

Original Mythra (left), Massive Melee Mythra Aux Core (right)

To obtain the outfit in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 proper, you’ll have to reach Chapter 4 in the story and simply speak to Brobro at the Salvage Deck. For Torna – The Golden Country, speak to the Nameless Wanderpon at the Feltley Village Camp. Both games must be updated to their most recent versions to earn the outfit.

Alex Irish
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