The next worldwide Splatfest for Splatoon 2 is a “Frosty Fest” taking place next January, asking users who’d they prefer to spend holidays with: family or friends. The 48-hour festivities commence right after the New Year from January 4th, 2:00pm PT, to January 6th, 2:00pm PT.

Much like the Halloween-themed Splatfest back in October, the ink-coming Splatfest will transform the game’s main Inkopolis hub into a winter wonderland bedecked in silver and gold decorations. In addition, the Switch’s News Channel will once again provide some new Splatfest-themed gear, including:

• New Year’s Glasses DX
• Twisty Headband
• Festive Party Cone
• Eel-Cake Hat

The “Squid Research Report” article will go live in late December. All users have to do is launch the game from the story in question.

Although Splatoon 2‘s last batch of new content updates arrives in December, new Splatfests will continue into mid-2019, allowing Nintendo’s shooter to stay fresh for at least another half-year.

Alex Irish
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