BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition screenshot 2

BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition | Cover art

During Anime NYC, Arc System Works announced that they will be bringing BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition to the North American Nintendo Switch eShop. Previously announced for release in Japan and Europe, the North American release will be coming alongside the others on February 7, 2019, albeit digitally only.

The Switch release is the most complete version of BlazBlue Centralfiction, with all the DLC as part of the base package including extra characters Mai Natsume, Es, Susano’o, and Jubei, for all 36 characters. The game is post-version 2.0, with the balance patch in effect in the base game.

For those unfamiliar, BlazBlue Centralfiction is the final entry in the current BlazBlue story, with a story mode over 40 hours long. The gameplay is generally similar to the previous entry Chronophantasma Extend, with the added elements of Active Flow which rewards aggressive play (such as attacking, spending Heat, and using Overdrive), and Exceed Accel, a universal reversal skill that becomes available while in Overdrive, along with some other relatively minor system changes. You can find our review here (part 1 and part 2). The game was previously released on PS3, PS4 and PC, with the PC version including Mai, Es, and Sunsano’o along with the other DLC.

Chris Melchin
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