corrupted save

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Today on the corrupted save podcast:

The greatest mystery of all: who is Animitch’s waifu?

For news:

  • Monster Hunter Movie (again)
  • Xseed might be kill
  • Sony losing their minds as well as their consumers
  • Diablo Immortal – Enlightened Journos vs Entitled Fans
  • Jump forces‘ ugly box art goes perfectly with its ugly artstyle
  • NISA mishaps
  • Actual list of games for the Playstation mini as well as the japanese list

There is also:

  • Anime fall season exploration into that bunny girl anime with ABY
  • returning game, Lost in translation
  • Shout-outs and Shout-ats
  • What have you been playing?
  • question for you guys is who is waifu of the week? as Mitch forgot one.
  • bonus question which waifu is in the silhouette

That Japanese miniature blog Mitch was talking about

That about does it for this episode take care and see you next time!

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