Resident Evil 2‘s remake has been generating a lot of buzz around its pre-order content, namely with the bonuses costumes available for protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. There’s a number of them although a few aren’t free; Capcom has long time fans covered though via the classic costumes for our protagonists based on the original designs. Likely unlocked after campaign completion, these outfits are slight tweaks on the original designs.

The costumes look great so far and it’s welcome to see them in the game’s engine. A trailer below, featuring part of the original game’s intro, is shown as a showcase for how the costumes look. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more about what the game will have, though if we’re talking even more costumes for players, a Resident Evil 4 style for Leon and Resident Evil: Code Veronica for Claire would be outstanding.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is set for release in January 2019 next year.


Arvind Radakrishnan
Arvind is a YouTube Let's Player who aspires to become a future programmer in a gaming company. He enjoys doing many things game related from cosplay, collectibles, making videos of them and some variants of games. He plays action/adventure, survival horror, and RPGs mainly.