Fave Spooky Pokémon | Serena

Fave Spooky Pokémon | Scared Serena

Seeing as it’s October, the month of all things Halloween, I decided to scroll through a Pokédex app and make a list of all of my favorite spooky Pokémon. These are my top six favorite Pokémon, two each from the psychic, dark and ghost type categories. Not every Pokémon necessarily looks very spooky, but Pokémon from these three types tend to fit well with Halloween. While I’m at it, how about we look into the ones with spookier Pokédex descriptions from various entries so that in the spirit of Halloween, I can come up with some potential crazy theories of my own.

Pokémon | Grumpig


Let’s start with my favorite psychic type Grumpig, who is one of those Pokémon I used to look past and didn’t think was all that special. That is, until I raised one for myself during 5th gen.  After catching a Spoink in the Dream World, it seemed like a great idea to breed it and raise one for online battles. Then in 6th gen, Grumpig became absolutely adorable. I’ve now been using that same Grumpig in online battles ever since and came to adore him after seeing how amazing and underestimated of a tank he could be. On the topic of Spoink and spooky Pokémon in particular, I recall its Pokédex entry which explains how Spoink’s bouncing keeps its heart going and therefore even bounces when its asleep. I suppose all the Grumpig out there are those lucky Spoink who fortunately never fell over on their side. I mean, I imagine if a Spoink falls over it’s not the easiest thing to get back on its tail again and it wouldn’t be able to start its heart back up.

Pokémon | Espeon


Next up is Espeon and while not my favorite Eeveelution for online battles, Espeon is the one I would want if Pokémon were real. I currently love specific shades of the color purple and I adore cats, so Espeon is a no-brainer for me. Many of Espeon’s Pokédex descriptions talk about how it has precognitive powers which it likely uses in order to protect its trainer. I wonder, if Ash and friends weren’t around or didn’t exist to save the world like they have in numerous Pokémon movies, what would all the Espeon do should an apocalypse come to happen? Would they find a way to psychically take their trainer to outer space and keep them safe? Or perhaps they’d somehow bring you to an alternate world, one similar to where ultra beasts come from? Well regardless, if we were in an apocalypse and Pokémon were real, Espeon being the precognitive, trainer-protecting, cat-resembling creature that it is, I most certainly would want one with me.

Pokémon | Gengar


Ghost Pokémon aren’t my favorite type, but Gengar is most definitely one of my two favorites among them. Nothing beats the original 1st gen ghost family. Gengar is potentially one of the creepiest and most spooky Pokémon on this list. It hides in the shadows and according to various Pokédex entries, curses people, scares and laughs at humans, freezes the area around it, steals the heat from humans and worst of all, steals the lives of people whether they’re lost on a mountain or merely standing in a room with dark filled corners. Gengar could easily be the serial killer in a Pokémon– themed horror movie. I don’t need to make up a theory for this one, you’d almost think Gengar would have been made half dark type instead of poison once 2nd gen came along.

Pokémon | Pumpkaboo


Considering this is a list of my favorite spooky Pokémon in the spirit of Halloween, I have to add Pumpkaboo. Pumpkaboo I think is one of the cutest ghost Pokémon out there, even more so than its evolution. They’re the exact opposite of Gengar in that Pumpkaboo help lost spirits move on. As for its evolution, Gourgeist, you better hope those trainers who received one through trading never let them go. That’s when they go from good to bad and curse people through song. I imagine Gengar and Gourgeist would get along quite well and be the best of friends.

Pokémon | Absol


We’ve finally made it to my favorite dark type Pokémon. After all, Halloween and darkness go hand in hand and Absol is an especially mysterious one. Absol is a Pokémon that I think is well designed and, much like Grumpig, have found especially useful in the past for online battles. Absol’s Pokédex entries claim it’s misjudged and actually warns people of upcoming disasters rather than causing them. Though I wonder, are they legitimately misjudged? I mean, they have to live somewhere and it is said whenever you catch sight of an Absol, that impending disaster is sure to follow. It’s similar to the which comes first, the chicken or the egg conundrum. Does Absol come first and cause disaster wherever they choose to live and wander, or does it always come right before disasters and only wander where it’ll be able warn people in the nick of time?

Pokémon | Hydreigon


I said earlier that Gengar is “potentially one of” the creepiest on this list. That’s because my last entry and my second favorite dark Pokémon, Hydreigon, could equal it in that regard. It’s said that Hydreigon consumes everything and it has three heads to do so. Not only that, but its Omega Ruby Pokédex entry claims the heads on its arms don’t actually have brains. This could potentially make it a two-thirds zombie Pokémon. I wonder if it’s possible for it to turn other Pokes into zombies. Or does it only fully consume them as its entry states, thus leaving nothing behind? Maybe there aren’t any zombies just yet in the Pokémon universe.

Not all of the Pokémon on this list necessarily look very spooky but being the types that they are, I think any one of them could be surrounded by mysterious theories. Some of the ones I’ve come up with here might even be utterly ridiculous, but it’s all in good fun and the spirit of October. What are your own favorite spooky Pokémon? You’re welcome to discuss it and various theories, whether your own or not, down in the comments below.

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