Fate/Grand Order | Mash Kyrielight "Dangerous Beast" CE

Good Smile Company is manufacturing another figure for Fate/Grand Order, this time featuring one of the main characters of the game, Mash Kyrielight. Mash is a Shielder class and a demi-servant. She is the first servant you receive in the game and is also one of the most useful. Her figure this time is based off of her design in an exclusive Halloween craft essence, “Dangerous Beast.”

The “Dangerous Beast” craft essence is illustrated by ReDrop and shows Mash wearing a beast-like outfit, complete with a tail and animal ears. The outfit in question is much more revealing than her usual outfits (armor and casual) and shows off all of the curves Mash has been hiding underneath her clothing.

Good Smile Company describes the figure as follows:

From the popular smartphone game “Fate/Grand Order” comes a scale figure of Mash Kyrielight in her costume based on the Halloween exclusive craft essence “Dangerous Beast”! Mash’s lovely curves (carefully engineered by… Fou-kun?) and the purple gradation of her beast-like costume make for a bewitching figure that is sure to please fans of the game. Masters, be sure to add her to your collection!

You can check out some pictures of the figure below.

The Mash Kyrielight “Dangerous Beast” figure is 1/7 scale and stands approximately 11.5 cm tall and is 21 cm in diameter. It is sculpted by Masahiro Hiraoka (Moe) with paintwork by Sakura. The figure will cost approximately 15,556 yen (before tax).

You can pre-order the figure from Play-Asia at the link below. Please note, the following link is an affiliate that helps funds the site.

Pre-order: HERE

The Mash Kyrielight “Dangerous Beast” figure is set to release in December 2019. Play-Asia will accept pre-orders for the figure until November 29, 2018. Will you bring this Dangerous Beast home next year?

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