Hey guys and gals. Wish I could say this was a spooky and fun filled Nintendo Download, but alas it’s a shorty. That said, it still has a good amount of offerings, including sales and a heap of digital games. So let’s get started and see what’s worth playing.

Nintendo Download | My Hero One's Justice

If you’re a fan of anime or manga, you’re in luck. My Hero One’s Justice is releasing on Switch tomorrow, and features tons of crazy characters from the series in a 3D arena fighter. While I’m personally not that familiar with the series, it looks to be pretty entertaining. The other game is the spellbinding (I’m sorry) LEGO Harry Potter Collection. It’s a compilation of Harry Potter years 1-7 and completely remastered. So if you like LEGO style games and love magical mayhem, you can check it out starting next week. Now to move onto the sales.

Nintendo Download | Eternum Ex

On the sales front, the Game Guide has a good selection of new titles this week. For fans of Viking mayhem, you should enjoy hacking and slashing in Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Wii U and Switch) for $8.99; or if you like your games strange, there’s always Lovely Planet (Wii U) for $5.99; for puzzle solving with friends, you might enjoy The Gardens Between (Switch) for $15.99; to get your shoot on, there’s NoReload Heroes (Switch) for $4.99; fans of rhythm games, get Lost in Harmony (Switch) for $4.54; for a cutesy two player experience, you might enjoy Pode (Switch) for $17.49; if you want an atmospheric platformer, I highly recommend Nihilumbra (Switch) for $5.59; or if you love genie pirates (and who doesn’t?), I recommend my favorite genie gal in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (Switch) for $15.99; if you are hankering for a bit more horror, go get Detention (Switch) for $7.79; to slay some zombies on a train, you can pick up The Final Station (Switch) for $11.99; for a beautiful and crazy action game, there’s Furi (Switch) for $11.99; to enjoy an entertaining take on a movie, get your Metroidvania fix with The Mummy Demastered (Switch) for $13.99; if you need more Shantae in your life, there’s always Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Switch) for $13.99; for a visually unique adventure on multiple consoles, you should try out Severed (3DS, Wii U and Switch) for $7.49; and finally, for a couple of good discounts on previously released titles, there’s World of Goo and Little Inferno (Switch) for $7.99. Not a bad list, but there’s more for you here.

Nintendo Download | Gal Metal

Now, there’s more new digital games than last week, so get ready to spend some quality time here. First, the following titles are out starting next week. If you love frenetic fighting games, you might like SkyScrappers. For lovers of the Game Boy, there’s the wonderful looking Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San. If you want a truly odd sounding premise, there’s Numbala and Gal Metal. For the sports fan who wants more monsters, there’s always Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition. Or if you love cute looking fighting games, there’s OK K.O! Let’s Play Heroes. Finally, if you want some horror in time for Halloween, I’d recommend you check out Yomawari: The Long Night CollectionKnock-Knock and Death Mark. Now with those out of the way, let’s see what’s available this week!

Nintendo Download | Car Quest

Retro fans might enjoy the following – ACA NEOGEO Strikers 1945 Plus and Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid II. For some diverse puzzling, there’s a few options – 7 Billion Humans, Luke & Rebecca and Pinstripe. If you want some fisticuffs, there’s Black and White Bushido. For something highly unusual, there’s Car Quest. If you enjoy top down shooters, you might enjoy Deployment. And lastly, for some platforming fun, there’s Storm in a Teacup and Eternum Ex.

Nintendo Download | Numbala

Though it wasn’t what I expected, not a bad week for the Nintendo Download. Be sure to check out some of these games, and tune back in next Thursday for the next installment.

Nintendo Download | Death Mark

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