Nintendo 64 Classic controller ports

Nintendo 64 Classic featuredSome rather convincing images showing off what appears to be a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition have emerged. These images first showed up on Reddit earlier today and spread quickly after a Twitter post from @nachoypistacho this morning was made. According to this Twitter user, the images were provided to him from an inside contact, though this contact has not been named. The “prototype” displayed in these images is as you might expect. It’s essentially a miniaturized version of the Nintendo 64, albeit with proprietary, Wii-style controller ports in place of the original N64 controller ports.

Nintendo 64 Classic controller portsNintendo 64 Classic bottom view

While rumors like this are certainly not uncommon (fake images like this have “leaked” before), it’s entirely plausible to think that Nintendo might be gearing up to release a system like this. Given the popularity of the NES and SNES Classic systems, what would be better than to follow them up with an N64 Classic system just in time for the holiday season? Additionally, given Sony’s recent announcement of a PlayStation Classic system, a rival Nintendo system would feel right at home.


What do you make from all of this? Do you think that these images hold any water or are they just another work of fiction? Let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to stay tuned as well in the event that more credible information is leaked.



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