corrupted save

Disclaimer: The opinions of the corrupted save podcast is that of the author, and not that of Operation Rainfall as a whole. (can’t stress that enough)

Today on the corrupted save podcast:

Mistakes into miracles.

For news:

  • Telltale won’t remember that
  • Sonys pre TGS stream
  • TGS coverage
  • Nintendo Direct
  • Judge Eyes looks sick get hype
  • Spiderman cost me my fiance

There is also:

  • Anime Summer season wind down
  • JG goes to the Movies
  • returning game, Lost in translation
  • Waifu of the week
  • Shout-outs and Shout-ats
  • What have you been playing?
  • is there a game you’ve played to completion/a substantial amount of that had mechanics you were unaware of?

That about does it for this episode take care and see you next time! Get prepared for the spooktacular episode in October as well as some spooky videos from moi.

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