Today Sol-Press has launched the first volume of DareSora: Tears for an Unknown Sky on Steam. This first volume will introduce you to the characters and show you the twisted fate that has befallen the protagonist, Haruka Tendou.

You can check out the character profiles in the gallery below:

– The Story of DareSora

Haruka Tendou looked up to the sky and made his two wishes.
First, he wanted to know the truth. And second, he wanted someone back.
Luna, ruler of Eclipse, was the only being powerful enough to grant his grief-filled plea. But first, with his soul hanging in the balance, he had to complete the Oracles she demanded of him.
This is the tale of the war between Haruka and Luna. The tale of Haruka’s solitary war.
No one will know the tears he sheds.

– Volume 1
“We know of no creature more selfish than humans.”
Haruka Tendou has made up his mind.
Week after week, Luna imposes her heartless Oracles on him. This week’s Oracle makes all his past trials pale in comparison, but Haruka must see it through.
For if he doesn’t complete his Oracle, the cruelest of punishments awaits him.
So, aiming to clear his first Oracle, he sets his sights on his friends.
Week Six: A Weekend in Eclipse – Difficulty: Half-Moon

You can check out this first chapter for the low price of $2.69 with the launch discount of 10%. Sol-Press will be releasing new volumes as closely as possible to the Japanese releases. Think of it as buying a chapter in a longer running manga series.



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