How far will you push your morals for your family?

On August 28, 2018 publisher No More Robots and developer Broken Bear Games announced via press release their new first-person RPG, Family Man. The game sees the player take on the role as a father who is hounded by the mob. The game takes the cute style of Minecraft but with the edgy themes of Breaking Bad.

The players have 30 days to pay the mob back and they must do so through various means ranging from flipping burgers to doing illegal cartel jobs. These activities also affect your family, friends, and neighbors. Your activities can pull you closer together with those you love, or push you away from them in order to appease the mob. Decide to partake in illegal odd jobs? Your neighborhood may suffer but you’ll also have extra money in your pockets. Want to make an honest living instead? Your relationships with your loved ones will flourish but not with the mob. It’s these harrowing decisions that drives players to press on through the perilous month.

Family Man will be released on PC and consoles in 2019.


Mohammad Maidin
Mo is an avid JRPG and horror fan whose interest in gaming began at 4 years old when his parents bought him his first console: the Sega Genesis. His love for horror games started from buying a mint condition Resident Evil 2 at a yard sale and was too spooked as a kid to play it until years later where he learned to love it. The love for JRPGs began around this time too as he found comfort in Final Fantasy 4 after his initial zombie scare. Today he still plays both franchises and on his spare time likes to visit art walks and museums, find hole in the wall restaurants, hikes, and do some freelance story writing (or at least attempt to).