Just after Nintendo of Europe stealth-dropped an Indies Presentation last week, Nintendo of America will broadcast a Nindies Showcase: Summer 2018 for August 28th, right in time for PAX West. Where the European video leaned on a mix of announced and unknown indies, this latest showcase is implied to focus just on unannounced titles coming to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo of Europe’s indie video focused on a variety of indies, ranging from Morphie’s Law and Bad North launching day-and-date, to games like Night Call and Windjammers 2 launching in 2019. What’s left to announce following this flurry of news, only Nintendo of America could say.

This heavy focus on Switch indies lines up with Nintendo’s plans to launch 20-30 indie games a week.

The Nindies Showcast for August 2018 will air at 12 PM ET next Tuesday. Last year’s August showcase was the birthing ground such as announcements like Morphie’s Law, Travis Strikes Again, and Golf Story. Stay tuned to Oprainfall for every update from the ensuing aftermath that afternoon (or morning depending on time zone).

Alex Irish
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