Fans eagerly awaiting Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are going to have to wait a bit longer. Koji “IGA” Igarashi recently stated on Kickstarter that the game was delayed indefinitely, citing feedback from their recent Beta Backer Demo as the cause. The feedback IGA and his team received from this demo lead them to double down on refining certain elements of the game, delaying it from its initial 2018 release to 2019 instead.

IGA then followed up with news that the Vita version would be cancelled entirely. The cancellation of this version was due to Sony’s plans to cease production on physical copies of all upcoming games as well as limiting PSN store features for the portable. Fortunately, Vita backers are still eligible to change to another platform of their choice or receive a refund after receiving an email from the game’s distributor Fangamer.

The statement concludes with the 505 Games brand manager, Robert Piraino, issuing an apology and to direct any questions and concerns to him. IGA and his team have been consistent in updating backers on developments on the game, so they should not worry.


Mohammad Maidin
Mo is an avid JRPG and horror fan whose interest in gaming began at 4 years old when his parents bought him his first console: the Sega Genesis. His love for horror games started from buying a mint condition Resident Evil 2 at a yard sale and was too spooked as a kid to play it until years later where he learned to love it. The love for JRPGs began around this time too as he found comfort in Final Fantasy 4 after his initial zombie scare. Today he still plays both franchises and on his spare time likes to visit art walks and museums, find hole in the wall restaurants, hikes, and do some freelance story writing (or at least attempt to).