Tekken 7 | Anna Williams intro

Tekken 7 | Anna Williams in-game

The official YouTube channel for Tekken 7 posted two new trailers for the game’s upcoming Season 2 first announced at EVO 2018, showing off the two returning characters announced at the tournament: Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

You can see the trailers below:

The trailers announce that Season 2 will be launching on September 6 in Japan, bringing with it a new season pass and a host of gameplay changes (such as wall-bounces) teased at EVO, along with several characters starting with Anna and Lei, and ending off with Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead series.

Each of the characters will cost 500 yen plus tax, the same as Eliza’s current price on the Japanese PlayStation Store (likely placing them at $4.99 USD), and less than Noctis and Geese at 864 yen each. They, along with Negan and the other upcoming characters, will also be available as part of the Season Pass 2, which will be available on September 6 as well.

Chris Melchin
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