oprainfall | Dead Cells

oprainfall | Dead Cells


Dead Cells has been well received so far since its initial release about ten days ago. Now the physical versions have arrived! Players who’d rather have physical copies of their games can get a physical copy of Dead Cells for the Nintendo Switch in stores and online. It comes with a price tag of $34.99.

oprainfall | Dead Cells Switch box


Collectors will also be pleased, as there is also a Signature Edition for the Nintendo Switch. It is available directly from the Signature Edition Games website. This edition includes the following goodies:

  • A region free ‘Dead Cells’ Game
  • A double-CD digipak soundtrack
  • An exclusive enamel character pin
  • A fifty-six-page hardback art book
  • A certificate of authenticity featuring the autographs of the developers, Motion Twin
  • An outer box featuring exclusive artwork in a matt finish with spot gloss

oprainfall | Dead Cells Signature Edition


Dead Cells puts you in control of failed experiment of alchemy. Your task is to find out what is going on within the confines of a sprawling, ever-changing, and apparently cursed island. You can use the emergency panic roll to get you out of tough jams. The game features tough but fair combat with responsive controls. It will also kick your butt with challenging foes and permadeath. The world is full of branching, interconnected paths, but there are no check points! So you’d better beat the final boss in one go, or its say hello to the starting point again! However, all is not lost, as some progress carries over between runs. This includes new paths you’ve unlocked, new levels, mutations, abilities, and weapons.

The game is also full of secret rooms and hidden passages waiting for you to discover them. Are you ready to kill, die, learn, and repeat until you triumph? You can find out more about the game at the official Dead Cells website, or check out the launch trailer:

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