MangaGamer had some great announcements at their Otakon panel last night. These include a new AliceSoft title, a  philological Yuri title and Otome game with one hell of a title. Without further delay let’s jump into this and see what the night had in store.

The Expression Amrilato | Bus

The first title announced was The Expression: Amrilato by Sukerasparo. This title will seem like your standard anime trope of girl is magically warped to strange world, but this one has a twist. Rin must overcome the language barrier in this all-ages Yuri adventure. Ruka, the girl that takes Rin in, speaks very little in a language she can understand. The reader and Rin will have work hard to understand this new language in this foreign land.

Players will be thrust head first into Rin’s predicament, surrounded by a world that communicates only in Esperanto, with her savior Ruka struggling to teach her their language. As the story unfolds, The Expression: Amrilato introduces language lessons that teach Rin and the player how to understand Esperanto, with the text in-game constantly evolving to show Rin’s incomplete knowledge of the language, whether it’s none at all, solely pronunciation of words, or whole words and phrases. As the language barrier falls, so too do the barriers keeping Rin and Ruka apart.

This one is coming to both MangaGamer and Steam.

Next up we have a mature Otome title from Kalmia8, F*** Me Royally!! Here players will take on the role of Kawai Marika. She is a princess from a world which sex is only viewed as a positive, and they place no value on chastity.  She is transported to Japan with one goal in mind, she wants to bag a husband. This is not only for her own pleasure, as she also wants to expand her world’s culture. When she arrives she meets two young men, Agatsuma Kaoru and Takai Ryuusei, she must now choose how to seduce them.

This one will be coming to MangaGamer.

Next up we have Farther than the Blue Sky from Chuablesoft. The members of Byakko, a small rocket club at Amanoshima Academy have always dreamed of conquering the skies. The Amanoshima Academy is well known for its excellent aerospace curriculum. The team has the challenge of winning the Max 5 competition, this competition is to build a rocket under 5 meters tall and have achieve the highest flight distance. Past winners have reached altitudes of over 35 and 41 kilometers, so the team will have to work hard to achieve their goal of winning. Most think they will fail, but can the team come together by Summer’s end and find a way to achieve their goals?

This title will be available exclusively on MangaGamer.

Last but not least we have AliceSoft’s Beat Angel Escalayer!  Kyouhei Yanase’s everyday life is thrown into chaos when intergalactic menace, Dai-Lust invades. He runs after his classmate, Sayuka as she is ducking into an alley to transform into a magical girl, the Escalayer! She beats back the invaders easily with her newly acquired powers, but this ordeal is far from over. To defeat the evil Dai-Lust, Kyouhei must power up her Dynamic ba-Dump Dynamo with obscene and scandalous acts in order to make her more powerful. This is gonna be one unique and very lewd way to save the world!

This is also a MangaGamer exclusive.

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