Smashing Saturdays

Hey there fellow Smash Bros. fans! It’s another Smashing Saturdays, and it comes with some fun new stuff. This week is a mix of cute and gross, and it has some new returning brawlers, a new item and assist trophy and even a returning stage. Additionally, today’s roundup will also include a new Character of the Week. So let’s stop yapping and get Smashing!

There are few things in Smash Bros. more adorable than Jigglypuff. There are also fewer deaths more infuriating than getting instantly KOed by the pink puffball’s Rest attack. The rotund pokémon looks as fiercely cute as ever, though sadly her Final Smash is still the lackluster one we’ve come to know and loathe. That said, there’s a certain glory in being able to hop 5 times in a row and bitch slap your foes.

Smashing Saturdays | Fake Smash Ball
Somebody smashed the wrong ball…

One brand spanking new item to Smash Bros. Ultimate is the aptly named Fake Smash Ball. Keen eyes will be able to note that it has an exaggerated horizontal line and avoid setting it off. Of course, that’s all academic since in the heat of battle, it’s much easier for someone to make an oopsie and set everybody on fire. Then again, it’s not like people come to play Smash Bros. cause it’s boring and predictable! The more mayhem, the better.

The latest song to make its way into the game is the Galaga Medley, composed by Yusuke Takahama. It’s a great compilation of beeps, boops and a frantic rhythm. I quite like it myself, and encourage you all to give it a listen here.

Smashing Saturdays | Lylat Cruise

Speaking of spaceships, who else is happy to see the return of Lylat Cruise? While some of the Star Fox stages are dynamic and frankly quite stressful, I like the more mellow approach found here. Sure, there’s ships flying about blasting each other, but for the most part Lylat Cruise plays like Final Destination. So long as you don’t mind a bit of shaking and shifting, it’s a lot of fun.

It’s quite fitting that Wario is shown off this week, since his latest game, WarioWare Gold, just released for 3DS the other day. The deranged doppleganger looks to be just as crazed as usual, with his strange and diverse array of attacks and his diabolically twisted grimaces. I admit I’m glad they tweaked his Final Smash, since I could never get many kills when transformed into Wario-Man. Him splitting into multiple copies for a massive attack sounds much more interesting.

Smashing Saturdays | Rodin Assist Trophy

Given Bayo’s new permanent place in the Smash Bros. roster, it’s only fitting Rodin make his way to the game in some form. While I wouldn’t mind a playable version, his Assist Trophy looks pretty cool. Not only does he smash foes with his giant fists, he sometimes will provide a powerful weapon as he leaves. Fitting for his role in the Bayonetta series. But that’s not all! Keep on reading for the latest Character of the Week.

Character of the Week

Smashing Saturdays | CoW Peach

I started playing Peach merely to prove my friends wrong when they said she was a useless character. And I admit, it took me a while to get used to how she plays. But once I grasped her floaty nature was more of a benefit than a hindrance, I really took a shine to the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Combined with her neverending cache of vegetable projectiles and her powerful assortment of blunt instruments, I quickly went from slightly impressed to maining Peach and haven’t looked back since. The mighty pink powerhouse is an absolute joy to play, holding her own with the mightiest of warriors. It’s all about dodging when you need to, avoiding when you can and harassing foes when they least expect it. And never forget, a tennis racket is just as mighty a weapon as a sword when used properly!

Thanks again for joining us on this Smashing Saturdays installment! Be sure to tune in next week for the latest, and just click here to see previous episodes.


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