The Nintendo Switch port of Thimbleweed Park is on its way to outselling the PC version on Steam. This was refuted by director Ron Gilbert himself on the game’s forums in response to the Steam version’s number of active players.

Remember these numbers are terribly skewed for games that have been on sale (sometimes in deep discount). Also games that were part of Humble Bundles where the play quickly booted it but never played it. Don’t read too much into these numbers. TWP has been massively successful on Switch and I have no doubt that is cannibalize Steam to some extent. By next month we will have sold more on Switch than Steam and Switch shows little signs of letting up.

As of July 9th, Thimbleweed Park has 98,491 concurrent players on Steam, as per an API that Steam has since patched up showcasing a number of statistics on the platform, including the number of unique players for games with achievements. Since launching on Switch last September, Thimbleweed has been available digitally and physically through Limited Run Games.

It seems Switch owners have made Ron Gilbert’s Kickstarter success into a sustained success on the platform. No precise sales figures are available for Thimbleweed Park on Switch at this time, however.

Alex Irish
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