Smashing Saturdays

Another weekend, another day of Smashing Saturdays! It’s nice to have something to look forward to, am I right? This week had a lot more character videos, as well as a new Pokémon and some new tunes. Additionally, I’m continuing my Most Wanted Brawler segment, though in the future it might be every other week instead. With that out of the way, let’s get Smashing!

Of course they would start with my most loathed swordsman, the blue bastard named Marth. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fire Emblem, but in Smash he just happens to be a counter to my favorite types of brawlers. The ones that have a great distance / keep away game but aren’t great up close and personal, such as Ness and Peach. When you add his devastating reach (despite having no ranged attacks) and his counter, you have one mean customer. Thankfully I think we all can agree the next brawler is much better.

You can’t hate Kirby. He’s just so cuddly, wholesome and adorable! At least on the surface. In reality, he’s a soul devouring, planet gobbling pink machine of pain, which is perhaps why I love him so much. He’s more than he appears on the surface, and his fighting style is very much a one of a kind. How many other fighters can turn into a fireball or a stone statue, as well as wielding a hammer and sword? Plus, in Smash Bros. Ultimate, it looks like his Stone ability has at least one new transformation! It’s good to be Kirby.

Next up this week they unveiled more music in the form of the Mega Man 4 Medley. Arranged by Jun Senoue, it is distinctly not what one would expect from the classic series. It’s still a great song to listen to, and you can do so by clicking here.

Smashing Saturdays | Alolan Raichu
Surf that sweet wave!

I’m not a big fan of Electric type Pokémon, but they made me a believer in Sun / Moon with the Alolan variant of Raichu. This sweet guy was not only incredibly fast but also cute as a button, and fierce as a thunderstorm. Now he’s making his way to Smash, where he rides his tail and rushes the enemy! Nothing like bringing fantastic Pokémon from all generations to the latest and greatest Smash Bros. game!

Excited as I am now for Ridley in Ultimate, I was equally excited last time when they unveiled the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man! While that fervor has dimmed somewhat, I still enjoy this classic hero being a brawler, even if I’m admittedly not amazing playing as him. I even hoped his special attacks might get switched out for new ones from his games, but alas that doesn’t look to be the case. On the plus side, now Bass and Proto Man join his Final Smash, making it even more entertaining.

I barely knew who Pit was until Kid Icarus Uprising, and then I became a pretty big fan, only for that game to never get a sequel. Regardless, he lives on in Smash, and this well rounded angel is a pretty tough character. He has range, counters and he can fly. Even if you don’t love the Kid Icarus series, he’s an easy character to get used to playing. Plus his new Final Smash looks pretty darn sweet.

But that’s not all this Saturday! Join me for another edition of Most Wanted Brawler!

Most Wanted Brawler

Smashing Saturdays | Dot
Weren’t expecting this, were you?

I know, you all thought this would be Shantae or Slippy, didn’t you? Well, I love to surprise people, and I also love coming up with representatives from beloved indies that would do a great job representing Smash Bros.! I think Dot from Steamworld Dig 2 would be a fitting new character for a few reasons. For one, I love robots, so the more the merrier. For another, we could always use more female brawlers to even things out. Sure, we have divas like Peach, Samus, Zelda and Rosalina, but that’s pretty much it (unless you only play Wii Fit Trainer, Robin and Corrin as a woman). Another thing that would be great about Dot is that she’s armed with a pickaxe. Potentially this could be a really fun weapon, especially if it could be used to dig underground and pop up to surprise opponents. But that’s not all she has at her disposal. She could place Pressure Bombs to surprise foes, or whip out her Jackhammer to wail on them or even get around with her handy Hook Shot (it’s not just for Link anymore!). While I’m not sure what her Final Smash would be, I still maintain Dot would be a great addition to Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Thanks again for joining us, and tune in next Saturday for the latest Smashing Saturdays!

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